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Your Bluetooth-equipped keyboard or mouse may work automatically under Ubuntu. However, if not, you may need to pair it to your PC, as follows:
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Then select the user to whom you would like to copy the settings, select the Paste Settings option, and verify that the settings have been applied (see Figure 3 16).
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<portlet-app xmlns="" version="1.0" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation=""> <portlet> <description>Resource Bundle Test</description> <portlet-name>ResourceBundlePortlet</portlet-name> <display-name>Resource Bundle Test</display-name> <portlet-class>com.portalbook.portlets.ResourceBundlePortlet</portlet-class> <expiration-cache>-1</expiration-cache> <supports> <mime-type>text/html</mime-type> <portlet-mode>VIEW</portlet-mode> </supports> <supported-locale>en</supported-locale> <portlet-info> <title>Resource Bundle Test Portlet</title> <short-title>Bundle</short-title> <keywords>Resource Bundle, Test, Portal Book</keywords>
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The Add New Item dialog box will appear, as shown in Figure 2 2. Select Schema as the type of item, type in a name for the item, and click OK.
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Create a RetrieveInformationEvent custom event that holds employeesCollection array collection:
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In this section, you will look at some of the notable features in Expression Blend, including the following: Visual XAML editor Visual Studio 2010 integration Split-view mode Visual State Manager and template editing support Timeline
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CHAPTER 11: Firmware
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*************************************** PARAMETERS USED BY THE OPTIMIZER ******************************** ************************************* PARAMETERS WITH ALTERED VALUES ****************************** ************************************* PARAMETERS WITH DEFAULT VALUES ****************************** optimizer_mode_hinted = optimizer_features_hinted = parallel_execution_enabled = parallel_query_forced_dop = parallel_dml_forced_dop = parallel_ddl_forced_degree = parallel_ddl_forced_instances = _query_rewrite_fudge = optimizer_features_enable = _optimizer_search_limit = cpu_count = active_instance_count = parallel_threads_per_cpu = hash_area_size = bitmap_merge_area_size = sort_area_size = sort_area_retained_size = _sort_elimination_cost_ratio = _optimizer_block_size = _sort_multiblock_read_count = _hash_multiblock_io_count = db_file_multiblock_read_count = _optimizer_max_permutations = pga_aggregate_target = _pga_max_size = _sort_space_for_write_buffers = _query_rewrite_maxdisjunct = _smm_auto_min_io_size = _smm_auto_max_io_size = _smm_min_size = _smm_max_size = _smm_px_max_size = _cpu_to_io = _optimizer_undo_cost_change = parallel_query_mode = parallel_dml_mode = parallel_ddl_mode = optimizer_mode =
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