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So, you might be wondering what this MIMEType property is. The barcode tool generates results in different graphical formats. For this report, we re going to use the .png image format. To display the barcode correctly, we have to tell the image item to handle graphics of this type. The Value property is a call to the Neodynamic assembly that takes our ProductID as input and returns its barcode equivalent. All right, are we ready to write some C# code now Well, not yet. We still have to perform one important setting. That is, to make reference to the Neodynamic assembly and write a GetBarcode function. Adding reference to the barcode assembly is easy; see Figure 13-7 for an illustration of the steps:
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Some users might prefer a second, more radical option: getting rid of Windows completely and letting Ubuntu take over the entire hard disk. If you feel confident that Ubuntu will fulfill your needs, this is undoubtedly the most straightforward solution. You ll be able to do this during installation. However, this will also mean that any personal data you have will be lost, so you should first back up your data (as described shortly).
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The most popular three ways to deal with data model is either to create a data model using the data model tag in MXML, create a data model object that can be used in MVC (Model, View, controller) enterprise Microarcitecture frameworks, or just place the model into a data provider such as ArrayCollection data type or DataProvider tag. A data model is an abstract model to describe the data properties and how to access it. Advantages of creating data mode object are the follwing:
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Adding a Header
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This was just a part of the code but it confirms that arbitrary numbers of header manipulations are possible with messages. Selector tags operate only on the headers and not on the message body. An alternative to using selectors is to use subtopics. Whereas a selector evaluates every message through an expression, a subtopic creates subcategories within a destination. The subcategories can be created using specific names. Before sending a message out, a producer sets the subtopic. A small code snippet might look like this:
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There is also a free third-party tool called Lingon that can be used to manage launchd. Lingon is available at Lingon, shown in Figure 2 8, provides users and administrators with the ability to interface with launchd graphically. While Lingon s future is in flux, it is unfortunately the only mature tool that can manage launchd as it does.
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Table 14-3. Continued
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In this chapter we ll cover: What LINQ is Installing LINQ Using LINQ to SQL Using LINQ to DataSet
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See service.
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The following code will handle callbacks for NotepadService calls.
You ll also notice that, instead of our regular letter-size page, this time we ll use A4 as the page size; A4 is the common page size in most European and Middle Eastern countries.
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In this chapter, you learned what a web service is and how to make use of web services to deliver reports to various clients. After that, we looked at how we can empower users to get hold of reports using mobile devices. In the next chapter, we will consider how we can generate reports with console applications, which have no GUI.
Creating the CatchDeviceExceptionDemo Project
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