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Verify that there is a file in the VPN account s ~/.ssh folder called known_hosts. Next, move the generated public key to the file called authorized_keys in the ~/.ssh folder.
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To log on to a Windows 2000/2003/XP machine, a username must be supplied. There is no way around this (unlike in Windows 9x/ME where a username is optional). So, to log on to Windows, the username and password have to be validated within Windows before the user can successfully log in. When this is done, Windows is actually verifying the user against username credentials held within the domain controller, or, if you are running SQL Server on a standalone machine at home, the credentials held locally. These credentials check the access group the user belongs to (the user rights). The user could be an administrator, who has the ability to alter anything within the computer, all the way down to a basic user who has very restricted rights. This then gives us a trusted connection; in other words, applications that are started up after logging in to Windows can trust that Windows has verified that the account has passed the necessary security checks. Once we have logged in to Windows, SQL Server uses a trusted connection. This means that SQL Server is trusting that the username and password have been validated as we just mentioned. If, however, the username does not exist, then you won t be able to log on to that machine. Someone else can log on to your machine with their user ID and password, and although he or she might be able to get to SQL Server by finding the executable on the C drive, SQL Server will first of all check to see whether that user has a valid login within SQL Server. If the login isn t valid, then it will check the Windows group that the user belongs to and check its security to see if that group is set up to access SQL Server. If that user has administration rights to your computer, then the user may well be able to at least connect to SQL Server. We are in a bit of a catch-22 situation here. You need to know about security for your install process, but to demonstrate it fully means working with SQL Server Management Studio, which the next chapter covers. We will keep that area simple, so let s look at an example involving security now.
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SQL Server XML Features
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Ideally, all Windows Phone 7 applications would come from legitimate sources and behave like good citizens. However, experience shows that many applications break those rules and that safeguards must be put in place to prevent these kinds of behavior. On the application security front, Windows Phone 7 platform includes the safeguards to verify the identity of the author of the application and sandboxes the execution of each mobile application. In the next few sections, you will explore these safeguards in detail.
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Note Hundreds of high-quality frameworks and libraries are available for .NET, and more are appearing all the
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10. Under the Network Failure options, set the retry values. The default options are 5 and 5 for Retry Count and Retry Interval but can be set at any value. If the retries are exceeded, the receive location will be automatically disabled. This would most commonly occur when polling a network drive that is inaccessible for a period of time.
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The General Configuration section of the Administration panel contains an option to enable new account activation. You can disable the feature, which I discourage you from doing, as it opens you up to a myriad of unwanted registrations. Rather, my recommendation is to enable either user validation, which requires users to provide a valid e-mail address to activate their account, or enable administrator validation, which notifies the forum administrators that a new account is created and needs to be approved. Enabling e-mail validation limits an e-mail address to just one associated account, which is good for sanity purposes. It is a must in this day and age of automated registration bots, which create mass accounts on various web services that are ultimately designed to abuse search engines indexes. Additionally, it keeps the onus on users to keep their account information up-to-date, as a valid e-mail address is required to recover passwords.
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The Spring IDE Plug-in for Eclipse
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Figure A-11. Autocompletion of a bean definition in a typical Eclipse Java EE project
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