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5. After making your selections in the Sign Key dialog box, click the Sign button to
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The last major type of application is a library. Application is a misnomer here, since a library is, by definition, headless. A library can provide functions to other applications and can perform tasks, but it cannot be directly launched by a user and does not provide any user interface.
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All Windows Phone devices are required to ship with a GPS receiver and, thus equipped, allow you to develop applications that are location aware. The GPS receiver in the Windows Phone will allow you to receive the data in the form of longitude and latitude. The longitude and latitude represent the mapping coordinates that are needed to plot the location on the Bing Maps Silverlight control. Also, in order to plot an address, you would need to convert the address into longitude and latitude using the Bing Maps service. There are many popular applications available for phones these days that use location data, like restaurant finder applications, and navigation applications that give driving directions and plot the street address on a map using the services like Yahoo, Google, and Microsoft Bing Maps. With Microsoft Bing Maps service, you can convert the address into a GPS coordinate system and be able to plot using the Bing Maps Silverlight control of the Windows Phone. Even search engines take advantage of the phone s GPS by providing relevant search results based on the location of the phone. There is an application that tracks your location while you are running, and based on the distance travelled, the application gives you total calories burned. Social networking applications like Twitter and Facebook also take advantage of the GPS tracking system on your phone by tagging your tweets or uploaded photos with the location information. There are applications that even allow you to share your current location with your friends and family. There was a big news headline about a lost sea kayaker who was found out in the ocean because he had a phone in his possession and the Coast Guard was able to locate him by his GPS location.
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Figure A-8. Solution Explorer (showing all files)
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The filter declares the paths that must be secured from eavesdroppers and delegates to the channel decision manager to determine whether these rules are in force. The syntax for the filterInvocationDefinitionSource property, which is used to specify the channel security level required for the various paths, is similar to that required to specify the filter chain to apply to paths in Listing 7-2 and the roles required to access the paths in Listing 7-5. The definitions in Listing 7-16 define the channel security level that is required. It is not possible for a channel to be simultaneously secure and insecure, so you must not specify both REQUIRES_SECURE_CHANNEL and REQUIRES_INSECURE_CHANNEL for any path. Specifying REQUIRES_INSECURE_CHANNEL will actively redirect an incoming secure request to the insecure port. If instead you are prepared to let the user dictate the level of security to be applied to a particular path, you should ensure that neither of the channel security processors is specified for the path in question. Listing 7-17 shows the configuration of the channel decision manager.
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