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s Note The server name we use throughout this book is ORCASBETA2_VSTS. You may choose to use some
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Copying Classes from LeadGenerator
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passThroughData.buttonLable = 'Click button'; with ( sequence ) { addStep( new SequenceSetter( btn, {label:passThroughData.buttonLable} ) ); addStep( new SequenceWaiter( component, 'myButtonClicked', 500 ) ); addAssertHandler( handleButtonClickSqEvent, passThroughData ); run(); } btn.dispatchEvent( new MouseEvent( MouseEvent.CLICK, true, false ) ); } //-------------------------------------------------------------------------// // Handlers // //-------------------------------------------------------------------------private function handleButtonClickEvent( event:Event, passThroughData:Object ):void { Assert.assertEquals( event.type, "myButtonClicked" ); } private function handleButtonClickSqEvent( event:*, passThroughData:Object ):void { Assert.assertEquals(passThroughData.buttonLable, btn.label); } } }
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Figure 7-9. Restoring a database Options tab
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<bean id="timesheetService" class="com.apress.timesheets.service.TimesheetServiceImpl"> <property name="timesheetDao" ref="timesheetDao"/> <property name="emailDao" ref="simpleEmailDao"/> </bean> Because the service layer is the common point of contact to the business functionality of our application, we can be confident that any user operation to update the timesheet must pass through the service layer, and so invoke the mechanism to send e-mail as appropriate.
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FileVault is a technology in OS X that allows users to seamlessly safeguard their personal data vis- -vis encryption. FileVault is configured on an account-by-account basis, and once enabled on an account, all contents of the respective user s home directory are encrypted behind the scenes. In the event that a computer is physically compromised, any accounts on the system that have FileVault enabled will maintain a rather high probability of avoiding compromise of confidentiality, subject to the strength of the password used to encrypt the data, and whether the machine was logged in and running at the time of theft. In the case of FileVault, this password is equivalent to the user s login password. Without access to the password, provided that it is of relatively secure strength (8+ characters with a number, capital letter and at least one special character), the data stands a good chance of remaining secure. Although you may be unfamiliar with FileVault itself, you actually already possess a good deal of knowledge as to the inner workings of the technology, provided of course that you have been paying attention. In case you haven t guessed, FileVault technology is at its heart based upon the use of disk image encryption. If you skipped the previous
In Listing 9-8, the function f in the class R implements both I1 s and I2 s version of f. This might be desirable if the function that has the conflict has the same meaning in both interfaces,
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