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PHP Code and Templates
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The RegularExpressionValidator control confirms that the entry within the specified control will match a specific predefined pattern. This pattern can be that of an email address, telephone number, or a postal code. The pattern is verified by a regular expression.
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Interfaces and Dynamically Loaded Types
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You ve already been introduced to the Access Content permission. Users who do not have this permission will not be able to see anything on the site, so it is normally granted to every user. A couple of the permissions are very powerful perhaps more powerful than their names reveal and therefore merit closer attention. The Administer Nodes permission grants nearly complete control over all the content on the site. Users possessing this permission can access all content on the site and execute any action on it, including changing the content, changing the author of the content, unpublishing the content, and even deleting it. Furthermore, the Administer Nodes permission allows a user to access the configuration pages where each content type is customized. Clearly, this permission should not be granted lightly. Another important permission is Bypass Input Data Check. Drupal normally prevents users from creating posts that contain anything that might be a malicious attempt to inject computer code or scripting elements into a site. Entering a <script> tag in a Drupal blog, for example, will normally result in the message Terminated request because of suspicious input data. Roles possessing the Bypass Input Data Check permission are exempt from this check. Grant this permission only to users who have legitimate reasons for creating content with code and scripts embedded.
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Representation of each of the objects in the system: the ball, the paddle, the table, the players scores, and the controller Separation of system functions into (possibly) reusable elements UIApplication and controller connect/disconnect method calls Pass controller specific data to the objects that need it
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Figure 13-4. Application that loads XML data in XElement The application consists of four radio buttons for selecting the place from which the XML data is to be loaded. The TextBox allows you to specify a URL where the XML file is located or raw XML markup. Clicking the Load button loads the data in an XElement and displays a message box with a success message. The Click event handler of the Load button is shown in Listing 13-7. Listing 13-7. Loading XML Data Using XElement private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { try { XElement root = null; if (radioButton1.Checked) { root = XElement.Load(textBox1.Text); } if (radioButton2.Checked) { StreamReader reader = File.OpenText(textBox1.Text); root = XElement.Load(reader); }
Figure 10-24. phpBB 3.0 s pruning utility, operating on Test Forum 1
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Table 11-1. Some Recommended Hacks
Stateful Packet Inspection
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