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phpBB offers some functions for getting user information. Two particularly useful ones are get_userdata() and auth(). If you do a lot of work with users, you will find the get_userdata() function immensely helpful. You can pass either the username or user ID number of the user whose data you wish to retrieve to the function. phpBB will figure it out and return a value. If you wish, you can also pass a second, optional parameter called force_str. If you pass true in as the second parameter, it will force a username check. If the user ID or username was found, the function will return the user s data. If the user does not exist, the function returns false. You are also able to retrieve permissions for a user or group by using the auth() function, which is the programming interface to the permissions system. This can help you write hacks that are dependent on the rights of a user. auth() takes four parameters:
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What would a report be without a text box As far as I can tell, the Textbox item is always used in some way or other in a report. In RS, the Textbox selection enjoys much respect because of its versatile nature. You can use a text box to display the report title in the header section or use it to display running totals in the report body section. Text boxes can display static text, text bound to a data source, calculations, and expressions. They can act like label controls to display static data and become dynamic as soon they get bound to a data source.
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Server-activated objects are somewhat comparable to classic stateless Web Services. When a client requests a reference to a SAO, no message will travel to the server. Only when methods are called on this remote reference will the server be notified. Depending on the configuration of its objects, the server then decides whether a new instance will be created or an existing object will be reused. SAOs can be marked as either Singleton or SingleCall. In the first case, one instance serves the requests of all clients in a multithreaded fashion. When using objects in SingleCall mode, as the name implies, a new object will be created for each request and destroyed afterwards.
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In my test script, I ran the query with an index() hint, a full() hint, and unhinted. The costs behaved as shown in Table 4-2.
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n Tip You don t have to browse through the assemblies and namespaces to find the type you re looking for. You can just type the namespace and the type at the top of the dialog. For example, to select the Decimal type, just type System.Decimal. Actually, you don t even need to specify the namespace. If you start typing Decimal, just like IntelliSense, the types matching your input will appear.
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