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Triggers have many uses. Perhaps the most common for a DML trigger is to enforce a business rule; for example, when a customer places an order, check that they have sufficient funds or that you have enough stock; if any of these checks fail, you can complete further actions or return error messages and roll back the update. DML triggers can be used as a form of extra validation, for example, to perform quite complex checks on data that a constraint could not achieve. Keep in mind that using constraints instead of triggers gives you better performance, but triggers are the better choice when dealing with complex data validation. Another use for a DML trigger is to make changes in another table based on what is about to happen within the original triggered table. For example, when you add an order, you would create a DML trigger that would reduce the number of that item in stock. Finally, DML triggers can be used to create an automated audit trail that generates a change history for each record. We can create separate triggers for any table action except SELECT, or triggers that will fire on any combination of table actions. Obviously, as no table modifications occur on a SELECT statement, it is impossible to create such a trigger. There are three main types of triggers: INSERT trigger DELETE trigger UPDATE trigger You can also have a combination of the three types of triggers. Triggers can update tables within other databases if desired, and it is also possible for triggers to span servers as well, so don t think the scope of triggers is limited to the current database. It is possible for a trigger to fire a data modification, which in turn will execute another trigger, which is known as a nested trigger. For example, imagine you have Table A, which has a trigger on it to fire a modification within Table B, which in turn has a trigger on it that fires a modification within Table C. If a modification is made to Table A, then Table A s trigger will fire, modifying the data in Table B, which will fire the trigger in Table B, thus modifying data in Table C. This nesting of triggers can go up to 32 triggers deep before you reach the limit set within SQL Server; however, if you start getting close to that sort of level, you either have a very complex system, or perhaps you have been overly zealous with your creation of triggers! It is possible to switch off any nesting of triggers so that when one trigger fires, no other trigger can fire; however, this is not usually the norm. Be aware that your performance will suffer greatly when you start using nested triggers; use them only when necessary.
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Installing New Themes
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In a programming sense, XAML tags should be treated as objects, with their attributes directly analogous to properties. Thus, when programming, you can just say <OBJECT>. <PROPERTY>=<VALUE>. One exception to this is when you are addressing attached properties that already have a dot syntax, such as Canvas.Left. In this case, you will use setValue and getValue to write and read properties, respectively. In JavaScript, your object will be a var, so you will need to set a var value to the object that you want to manipulate. You do this using the findName method of the Silverlight control to seek through its XAML content to get a handle on the object that you want. You can then access its programming model. To do this, the object must be named, and in XAML, you name an object using its x:Name attribute. That s a lot of theory, which upon first reading might be a little confusing, but with a little practice, you ll see that it is straightforward. Here s an example of a XAML document containing a TextBlock called txt:
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Figure 1 11. Bluetooth preference pane
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The commonality to these types of components is that they all accept the ArrayCollection data type as a data feed. Once you retrieve information from RPC, you can format the information and then place it into an ArrayCollection and easily attach it to a component. Once you attach it to a component, you can use a repeater or a renderer to style and format the results.
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SELECT io_stall / (num_of_reads + num_of_writes) AS avg_ms_per_io, io_stall AS io_stall_ms, (num_of_reads + num_of_writes) AS num_io, DB_NAME (database_id) AS database_name, file_id FROM sys.dm_io_virtual_file_stats (null, null) WHERE (num_of_reads + num_of_writes) > 500 ORDER BY 1 DESC
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Imports System Imports System.Data Imports System.Data.SqlClient
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The EcommerceService consists of several web methods. Before you code these web methods, you must import System.Data and System.Data.SqlClient namespaces. The web methods of ECommerceService are listed in Table B-2. Table B-2. Web Methods of ECommerceService
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In case of an interactive logon where a user tries to access a server resource through a local account of the server, a logon screen will capture the username and password before sending the first negotiate message. Immediately after the username and password are entered Windows creates a one-way hash for the password (which will be used as the master key) and purges the original entries. This master key is used for encrypting the NONCE as described earlier.
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Please note that the option to Import as mobile device video bundled in SWF can be used with Flash Lite 2.0 or higher. What it does is create an embedded copy of the video file within our SWF, and we don t need to point to any external link to have the video playback.
Validating XML Documents
For starters, info pages are more verbose than the equivalent man pages, and that gives the author more space to explain the command or software. This doesn t necessarily mean that info pages are easier to understand, but there s a better chance of that being the case. Secondly, info pages contain hyperlinks, just like web pages. If you move the cursor over a hyperlinked word, which is usually indicated by an asterisk (*), you can proceed to a related page. In a similar sense, pages are linked together so that you can move back and forth from topic to topic. The bad news is that the man page system is far more popular and established than Texinfo. If a programmer creates a new application, for example, it s unlikely he ll bother with an info page, but he will almost certainly produce a man page. In fact, in many cases, typing info command will simply bring up the man page, except in the software used to browse info pages. However, nearly all the GNU tools are documented using info pages, either in their own pages or as part of the coreutils pages. For example, to read about the cp command and how to use it, you can type this:
9. In the default constructor of Form1.cs, set the label s Text property to the string returned by the method created in SayHelloComp: label1.Text = new SayHelloComp().SayHello(); 10. Open the AssemblyInfo.cs file under the Properties node, and set the AssemblyVersion for both projects to, if not already set to this. You can also do this by selecting Project Properties and clicking the Assembly Information button. Note that this is not the deployment version. 11. Build the application. At this point, you have a smart client application that has a dependent assembly. To deploy the application using ClickOnce, follow these steps: 1. In Visual Studio 2005, pull down the Project menu, then choose the Publish tab, and finally click the Publish Wizard button. You will see the Publish Wizard, as shown in Figure 6-10.
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