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After executing this command, the volume found in the mySecureData sparse image will be mounted to a folder named SecureData at the root of the user s home directory. You ll notice here that we are using the mkdir command to first create the directory prior to running the hdiutil command: if the designated mountpoint does not exist, then the
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One of the issues that we touched on in the previous chapter was that administrator-level permissions are required to run the setup.exe file. If a user with nonadmin permissions clicks Run, they will be greeted with an error message. Note that prerequisites have to be installed only once per machine, so in a corporate environment, systems administrators can use admin tools, such as SMS and IntelliMirror, to automate the deployment of prerequisites to workstations prior to users running the ClickOnce deployment. Administrator privileges are required for several reasons, the primary one being that prerequisites ultimately run MSI packages, and MSI requires admin permissions by default.
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<phone:PhoneApplicationPage.ApplicationBar> <shell:ApplicationBar IsVisible="True"> <shell:ApplicationBar.Buttons> <shell:ApplicationBarIconButton x:Name="btnCamera" Text="Take Photo" IconUri="images/" Click="btnCamera_Click"/> <shell:ApplicationBarIconButton Text="Open Photo" IconUri="images/"/> <shell:ApplicationBarIconButton Text="Save Photo" IconUri="images/"/> </shell:ApplicationBar.Buttons> </shell:ApplicationBar> </phone:PhoneApplicationPage.ApplicationBar>
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function handleLoad(control, userContext, rootElement) { slControl = control; setUpEventHandlers(); } function gameOver() { alert("Game Over: You scored: " + currentMove); slControl.content.findName("txtRound").Text = ""; currentMove = -1; currentFrame = -1; currentUserMove = -1; currentUserCol = -1; inGame = false; } function handleStart() { if(inGame) { // Do Nothing } else { gameloop(); }
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For template designers, a lot has changed, and for the better. Here s a list of the new things you ll be able to accomplish with phpBB 3.0: Use conditional structures: Potentially the biggest reason to switch to phpBB 3.0, from a designer s perspective, is the ability to use conditional structures, commonly known as if statements, directly in the templating engine. This will give designers unprecedented flexibility in customizing their templates without needing to touch a single line of raw PHP . This also benefits people working inside the core phpBB code, as virtually all of the formatting has been offloaded onto the templating engine. Previously, there was some work being done by the PHP script, but this is no longer the case. This is the landmark feature of the phpBB 3.0 template system, without a doubt. Embed PHP: The phpBB Group has added the option to embed PHP code inside a template, which is welcome news to people who run ad-rotation code and other scripts inside their phpBB installation. Previously, these users had to edit the codebase and add a template variable to output the results of their scripts, and then edit their templates and add the template variable. While the phpBB Group still recommends that you use the template variables, as they will be fastest, the INCLUDEPHP directive will permit you to bring in PHP files from the outside. Or, you can declare a PHP block and execute a few lines directly inside the block. Either way, the flexibility is very nice. Add common elements easily: Thanks to the new INCLUDE directive, templates are now able to include other template files directly. Previously, a great number of code hacks were required. Some operational changes also impact designers. One is that phpBB 3.0 templates now use a standard .html extension instead of the .tpl extension. This helps people avoid having to set up their editors to do syntax highlighting on the .tpl files. The new extension also helps
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Here, we will walk through installing the codec required for MP3 playback. The same procedure will apply when you try to play back any unsupported audio or video file format; all that will differ is the choice of codecs offered to you:
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+ + = = 200.5
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Representational State Transfer (REST) is an architecture style used by the Internet. Services that follow REST architecture are described as RESTful.
When you send Message3 to the message processor, the message is ignored. However, the last line shows that the unprocessed Message3 is still in the message queue, which you examine using the backdoor property UnsafeMessageQueueContents.
create table test_Employees ( EmployeeID int not null primary key, LastName nvarchar(50) not null, BirthDate datetime null )
If you or one of your members report a user sending abusive private messages, you can use the User Tip
The next step is to add the settings from output.config to your Web.config file. Once you are done, Web.config will look something like this:
Simplifying the Screens
dns_fallback = no
< xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" > <access-policy> <cross-domain-access> <policy> <allow-from http-request-headers="*"> <domain uri="*"/> </allow-from> <grant-to> <resource path="/" include-subpaths="true"/> </grant-to> </policy> </cross-domain-access> </access-policy> The important elements are <allow-from> and <grant-to>. The <allow-from> element defines which domains are permitted to access the resources specified in the <grant-to> element. If Silverlight cannot find a clientaccesspolicy.xml file at the root of the domain from which you are attempting to access a service, it will then look for a file named crossdomain.xml in the root. This is the XML policy file that has been used to provide access for Flash applications to access cross-domain services, and Silverlight supports this file as well. The following is an example of a crossdomain.xml file: < xml version="1.0" > <!DOCTYPE cross-domain-policy SYSTEM ""> <cross-domain-policy> <allow-http-request-headers-from domain="*" headers="*"/> </cross-domain-policy> Again, even though Silverlight supports crossdomain.xml, using clientaccesspolicy.xml for Silverlight applications is the preferred and best practice.
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