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As stated earlier, you can use Object Explorer to drop tables. 1. In Object Explorer, right-click the node for test_Employees2 and click Delete. 2. In the Delete Object window (a table is just one kind of database object), click OK. See Figure 10-7. Notice that the table immediately disappears from Object Explorer.
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Using Team Build
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// ================== GLOBAL METHODS ========================= .method assembly static int32 main() cil managed { .entrypoint // Code size 19 (0x13) .maxstack 1 .locals init (class RefType V_0) IL_0000: newobj instance void RefType::.ctor() IL_0005: stloc.0
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XMLHttpRequest(); = new XMLHttpRequest();
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7 6. Calling the Business Rules Engine from .NET
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Figure 1 4. Login options
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1. If you want to drop the index created in the last section, all you need to do is execute the following code. This will remove the index from SQL Server and also remove any statistics associated with it. USE ApressFinancial GO DROP INDEX IX_TransactionTypes ON TransactionDetails.TransactionTypes 2. After execution, you should see that everything executed correctly:
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- (void)accessoryDidDisconnect:(EAAccessory *)accessory { NSLog(@"Controller Removed"); }
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Third-Party Solutions
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This code is obviously an error and will appear as an error in the Error List as shown in Figure 2-14. If you double-click on the item in the list, you will be brought directly to the proximity, if not the exact line, that is offending, so you can make any necessary corrections. As soon as you prefix that garble with a data type, such as int, and add a semicolon to the end, the Error List clears dynamically because the runtime now views that line as a legitimate variable declaration at the class level.
In this chapter, we looked how you can watch movies on your PC. You ve seen how you can update Ubuntu to work with the most popular digital video technologies, such as Windows Media Player and QuickTime. In addition, we looked at how you can view online multimedia such as Flash animations on your computer, and discussed how you can watch TV on your PC. In the next chapter, we take a look at image editing under Ubuntu. You ll learn about one of the crown jewels of the Linux software scene: GIMP.
Instance. Copy and paste this into the LoadXml method.
Installing the Event Module
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