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Portlet Security
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In this chapter, you looked at the Navigation Framework in-depth and saw how it can be used to build Silverlight applications that contain multiple page views. You explored the different objects within the Navigation Framework, such as the NavigationContext and NavigationService, as well as how to implement Uri Mapping within your applications.
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playerPaddleLeft = [UIImage imageNamed:@"playerPaddleLeft.png"]; playerPaddleLeftUp = [UIImage imageNamed:@"playerPaddleLeftUp.png"]; playerPaddleRight = [UIImage imageNamed:@"playerPaddleRight.png"]; playerPaddleRightUp = [UIImage imageNamed:@"playerPaddleRightUp.png"]; winOrLoseView.text = @"PONG!"; // SET UP SOUNDS CFBundleRef mainBundle;
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Creating the Web Service
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Many predefined tasks are available to you out of the box. These tasks are declared in the Microsoft.Common.Tasks file and are contained in the Microsoft.Build.Tasks assembly. Table 2-5 summarizes the predefined tasks that are available. Table 2-5. Predefined Tasks
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How It Works
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The Tagadelic module ( shows free tagging tags in the Tip
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By including Apache in Mac OS X, Apple has given you, the administrator, the most stable, capable Web Server on the Internet. If you plan to make use of it, you ll need to take care that you take an active approach to keeping your website and your users data secure. It s important to remember that the Internet is made up of many skilled and knowledgeable individuals who are very well versed in all of Apache s capabilities and vulnerabilities. If you re dealing with sensitive data, you should use SSL or TLS, and you should disable any modules you re not using, and you should always validate any input
Figure 9-15. Returning search results as posts
Auto Shrink: Database and transaction logs grow in size not only with increased data input, but also through other actions, which we ll discuss in more detail in 7. You can shrink the size of the log file through certain actions, some of which can be instigated by T-SQL and some as a by-product of actions being performed. Auto Update Statistics: This is a more common option to have set to True, even on production servers, although there is still a performance degradation. This option will update statistics as data is inserted, modified, or deleted for tables for use in indexes, and it will also update statistics for columns within a table. We ll discuss indexes further in 6. 6. Click the OK button at the bottom of the screen to create the database. SQL Server will now perform several actions. First, it checks whether the database already exists and, if so, you will have to choose another name. Once the database name is validated, SQL Server does a security check to make sure that the user has permission to create the database. This is not a concern here, since by following this book, you will always be logged on to SQL Server with the proper permissions. Now that you have security clearance, the data files are created and placed on the hard drive. Providing there is enough space, these files will be successfully created, and it is not until this point that SQL Server is updated with the new database details in the internal system tables. Once this is done, the database is ready for use. As you can see, this whole process is relatively straightforward, and simple to complete. Congratulations!
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