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// Determine who goes first and draw tiles. Each player draws // a tile and whoever has the letter closest to the beginning of // the alphabet goes first. Return the player number of the first // player. int PreGame() { Console::WriteLine("Each player draws a tile to see who goes first.\n" "The player closest to the beginning of the alphabet goes first."); // Each player draws one tile to see who goes first. If both players // draw the same tile, everyone redraws. array<Tile^>^ drawTiles = gcnew array<Tile^>(nPlayer); bool firstPlayerFound = false; int firstPlayerIndex = 0; do { for (int i = 0; i < nPlayer; i++) { drawTiles[i] = DrawTile(false); Console::WriteLine("{0} draws {1}.", players[i]->Name, drawTiles[i]->LetterValue); if (i > 0 && drawTiles[i]->LetterValue < drawTiles[firstPlayerIndex]->LetterValue) { firstPlayerIndex = i; } } firstPlayerFound = true; // If someone else has the same tile, throw back and redraw. for (int i = 0; i < nPlayer; i++) { if (i == firstPlayerIndex) continue; if (drawTiles[i]->LetterValue == drawTiles[firstPlayerIndex]->LetterValue) { Console::WriteLine("Duplicate tile {0}. Redraw.", drawTiles[i]->LetterValue); firstPlayerFound = false; } } } while (! firstPlayerFound ); Console::WriteLine("{0} goes first.", players[firstPlayerIndex]->Name );
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a renderer that will display the user profile image and the text of the tweet.
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Being able to look up user accounts in Active Directory allows you to apply them to local facilities, such as file system permissions, and to nest them in groups on other configured directory systems. Authentication is a corner stone of any modern Directory Service. Apple provides a command-line tool called dirt in Mac OS X 10.5 that you can leverage to access the DirectoryServices Application Programming Interface and perform authentication queries.
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Not demonstrated in this example but a common consideration when working with flat files is the usage of escape characters. You can accommodate escape characters when defining the properties at the record, line, or field level. The Flat File Schema Wizard makes the process of defining schemas simpler, because the user sees the schema being modeled through the process and, in addition, is not exposed to the complexity of the schema syntax. As helpful as the tool might be, it is still important to understand what the requirements are for the schema and how specifically the file will be implemented. Given this, you should spend some design time trying to understand exactly what the schema will do and how this relates to other processes (such as other interfaces and other trading partners).
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The Mac OS X (or Mac OS X Server) operating system, which handles file data transfers for Xsan, performs 1 megabyte (MB) data transfers. As a result, Xsan gets maximum efficiency from the operating system when it transfers blocks of data that are a multiple of 1 MB. At the other end of the transfer, the LUN also works well when it receives 1 MB of data at a time. So, when data is written to a storage pool, you get the best performance if 1 MB of data is written to each LUN in the storage pool The amount of data Xsan writes to a LUN is determined by the product of two values you specify when you set up a volume:
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Then we do the calculation for the second possibility on the merge join the one that uses the primary key index to avoid a sort. Because the first data set is going to be presorted when it arrives, we see only one section labeled SORT resource. Unfortunately, it turns out to be a waste of effort, as it is a more expensive strategy than not using the index. Despite comments in the documentation, if Oracle were able to acquire the second set of data in sorted order, it would still sort it I think this is to cater to the general case where the join condition is not a test for equality and the second set of data has to be instantiated so that a range-based join can keep resetting its start position in the second data set. SM Join (with index on outer) Access Path: index (no start/stop keys) Index: GGP_PK rsc_cpu: 2266849 rsc_io: 253 ix_sel: 1.0000e+000 ix_sel_with_filters: 1.0000e+000 Outer table: resc: 253 cdn: 261 rcz: 19 deg: 1 resp: 253 Inner table: GRANDPARENT Alias: GP resc: 128 cdn: 110 rcz: 23 deg: 1 resp: 128 using join:1 distribution:2 #groups:1 SORT resource Sort statistics Sort width: 58 Area size: 208896 Max Area size: Degree: 1 Blocks to Sort: 1 Row size: 36 Total Rows: Initial runs: 1 Merge passes: 0 IO Cost / pass: Total IO sort cost: 0 Total CPU sort cost: 5033608 Total Temp space used: 0 Merge join Cost: 382 Resp: 382
System.IComparable and System.IComparable<'T>: Represent values that can be compared to other values. F# generic comparison is implemented via these types, as you see in 8. Microsoft.FSharp.Control.IEvent: Represents mutable ports into which you can plug event listeners, or callbacks. This technique is described in 8. Some other entity is typically responsible for raising the event and thus calling all the listener callbacks. In F#, .NET events become values of this type or the related type Microsoft.FSharp.Control.IDelegateEvent, and the module Microsoft.FSharp.Control.Event contains many useful combinators for manipulating these values. You can open this module by using open Event.
Like the other multimedia software provided with Ubuntu, its video playback application, Totem Movie Player, is basic but effective and does the job well. However, because of patenting issues, Totem doesn t support all video formats out of the box. In fact, it supports very few of those you might be used to using under Windows or Macintosh. If you wish to play back the most common video files, such as those listed in Table 19-1, you must install additional software. Video and audio playback within the Firefox web browser are handled via the Totem browser plug-in, in exactly the same way as the Windows Media Player and QuickTime browser plug-ins work under Windows. This is set up automatically during initial installation of Ubuntu and is also compatible with the GStreamer codec plug-ins once they are installed. However, when you try to retrieve streaming content, many web sites attempt to probe your setup to ensure you have the required media player software, and they balk when unable to find Windows Media Player or QuickTime. This makes playback difficult, although more and more sites are switching to video playback via Flash Player. Additionally, some web sites use Java applets to present content. You can install support for both Flash and Java through Firefox.
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