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6. Starting with .NET 2.0 and SQL Server 2005, you will in addition find features to let your server application be notified whether critical data changes. For example, you will be able subscribe to a query like select userid, locked_out from users in a way that SQL Server automatically informs you whether any of the corresponding records have been changed.
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Table 3-5. Overloaded Math Functions and Examples
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Edit Preferences, and then click the Tabs button. Then put a check alongside Always Show the Tab Bar.
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C H A P T E R 12
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System::DivideByZeroException System::IndexOutOfRangeException System::InvalidCastException System::NullReferenceException System::OutOfMemory System::TypeInitializationException
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Obviously this code snippet doesn t contain everything needed to define the actual workstation, but it definitely gives an idea of how to connect a real world object with the software environment. First, note that by defining the class of object as WorkStation it is subclassed, or derived, from the general NSObject class. This means that it inherits all the properties and methods of that most general of all classes, but it does not mean that you have to use all of them. In fact, you may hardly use any. Note the capitalization of WorkStation. When you define a class, common practice is to capitalize the first letter and all first letters of each word that you concatenate to form your object name. You will see later, when naming object instances, that you leave the first letter lowercase. Next, within the brackets, define the properties that you want to be made public, that is, which other objects can be seen. For example, you might have a supervisor object that needs to see if the workstation is occupied, if it is running (operational) and if it has parts. The supervisor might not care about purpose or department because it may be that the supervisor is for all power supply operations. Thus the workstation s purpose would be power supply installation and it would be in the power supply installation department. So why include them Suppose there is an object that oversees all manufacturing. That object will need to differentiate workstations by both department and purpose to determine and predict any bottlenecks that might occur. There would likely be plenty more properties listed here. While there is no general rule of thumb as to how many properties to include, try to keep it contained. You don t want pages and pages of properties to have to go through whenever you look at your code. Remember, properties themselves can be objects. Instead of the individual Boolean values:
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You can then iterate through these items with a for loop:
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Opening the Hack
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Access Tracked Messages
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Building the Itinerary Web Service
Database Trusted_ Connection Net
Start by creating a Visual Studio project and naming it WP7LaunchParty. Double-click MainPage.xaml in Solution Explorer to bring up the XAML designer window.
Applying Filters
Mailing Lists
Business Activity Monitoring
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