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If your company is wise, then it will be conducting regular DR tests. In some cases, regular DR testing is required by internal and external auditors in order for your company to retain a specific level of compliance. You should be aware of the DR tests and look to actively participate so that you can learn from each and every test experience.
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You will reuse the project that you developed in 14. Start by creating a blank solution, as shown in Figure 15-1. For the solution name, enter 15.
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.NET provides an unprecedented extensibility for the remoting framework. The layered architecture of the .NET Remoting framework can be customized by either completely replacing the existing functionality of a given tier or chaining new implementation with the baseline .NET features. Before working on the framework and its extensibility, I really encourage you to get a thorough understanding of the existing layers and their inner workings in this architecture. This chapter gives you that information.
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sort myfile.txt -o sorted.txt ssh username@ startx su
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The Port Types
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As you go through the versions of Oracle, you will notice many examples of mechanisms that can be enabled or disabled at the system or session level by hidden parameters; there are also many mechanisms that can be enabled or disabled by hints at the SQL level. A common evolutionary path in the optimizer code seems to be the following: hidden by undocumented parameter and disabled in the first release; silently enabled but not costed in the second release; enabled and costed in the third release.
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8 8. Creating Custom EDI Pipelines
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CASE Statement
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computer s boot routine (while memory testing and drive identification are still taking place). Some computers might use a different key combination to enter BIOS setup, such as Ctrl+Insert, but this information will be displayed on your screen.
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You use the DeployStudio runtime to play workflows, including those for capturing an image or putting one onto your desktops, which you d typically want to do for mass deployment. You can run DeployStudio Runtime manually from Mac OS X as well, so you can test your workflows by playing images onto a local Firewire or USB drive. We ll use the runtime to create a master (base image) from a source volume. Open DeployStudio Runtime and authenticate to the server you set up earlier in this section, then select Create a master from a volume and click on the Play button, as shown in Figure 6-17.
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Figure 6-19. Creating a remote web site
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