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Cross-Site Scripting Attack on a Web Page from Flex
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Figure 8-1. Frame and Page objects
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InvokeMethod Activity
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Figure 4 3. An iTrip attached to an iPhone with the app executing
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In this example, we are importing a user file into our LDAP directory using a merge. Here, we specify the userpreset flag, which allows us to set up a preset in Workgroup manager to establish group memberships, home directory settings, and mail and print settings. (You can create presets using Workgroup Manager.) In this command, we also supply our diradmin credentials to provide access for the import itself, presenting one of the biggest barriers to full automation for this process: any automated processes will need to have a directory administrator s credentials embedded. However, embedding administrator credentials in a script to automate import from a csv is not the only issue with a fully automated user-generation process. For instance, say you set up a launchdaemon with a QueueDirectory entry, which watches a directory for any new files from your information system, passes them to csvtowgm, and then uses the resulting file for import via dsimport. Such a script might look something like this:
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To assign the appropriate certificate, click on the Security tab (see Figure 16 26), and check the box to enable SSL. Next, select the appropriate SSL certificate, and click Save to complete the setup.
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Figure 9-10. The selection of RSL for the framework
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Let s start by dragging Report Items Table from the toolbox and dropping it inside the Body section in the report designer. A new Table Item with the default name of table1 will be created. Add two more columns by right-clicking the right-most column header and selecting Table Item Insert Column to the Right. Adjust the width of column suitably to fit all five columns; allow extra space for the ShipMethodName column. Select Data Source dsVendorPO PurchaseOrderID, and drag and drop it inside the first column of the table item in the detail section. Repeat the task for the rest of the columns from dsVendorPO. This report is typically produced separately for each vendor. Therefore, we will send the Vendor Name to the report as a report parameter. Please use the following steps to add a report parameter: 1. Right-Click an open area inside the report designer, and select Page Header. 2. Click the Add button. 3. Give the report parameter the name parVendorName. In the Prompt field, type Enter Vendor Name. 4. Give a name to the application; I ve called it VendorPO. You may choose a different location for storing the application files according to your preference (see Figure 7-1). 5. Click the OK button to complete the process. Please see Figure 7-17 for an illustration of the steps.
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The cvadmin command allows an administrator to view and change volume and storagepool settings. Options include H, which specifies a host to run against (if you don t indicate a host, the command attempts to run on the localhost) and -F, which sets a volume name to run against. There are also -f and -e, options, which load commands from a file and from stdin respectively. Or you can run cvadmin interactively by simply typing sudo cvadmin at the command prompt, which will provide output similar to the following:
Check file system for errors (usually run from rescue disc) FTP program for uploading/downloading to remote sites Show which processes are using a particular file or file system Search specified file for specified text string (or word) -v: Verbose; detailed output -i: Ignore uppercase and lowercase differences -r: Recursive; delve into subdirectories (if applicable) -s: Suppress error messages about inaccessible files and other problems
BingMap has a SetView method that allows you to set the current view on the screen using the location data, latitude and longitude, received from GeoCoordinateWatcher. The zoomLevel property indicates how far into the location the map will be zoomed. BingMap also has MapLayer, which can set the position of the map layer with respect to the received location. To make things interesting, we animated bingMapLocator with simple color blinks. private void SetLocation(double latitude, double longitude, double zoomLevel, bool showLocator) { Location location = new Location(latitude, latitude); bingMap.SetView(location, zoomLevel); MapLayer.SetPosition(locator, location); if (showLocator) { locator.Visibility = Visibility.Visible; BlinkLocator.Begin(); } else { locator.Visibility = Visibility.Collapsed; BlinkLocator.Stop(); } } } }
CHAPTER 2: EAAccessory Framework
catch (InvalidCastException^ e) { // handle error } // using dynamic cast d = dynamic_cast<Derived^>(b); if (d == nullptr) { // handle error } safe_cast illustrates that the .NET platform error-handling mechanism is exception handling. You will need to use exception handling if you use the .NET Framework. 10 will cover this.
Now you can access the elements and attributes of this namespace. For example, let s say you want to access the following XML:
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