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Figure 7-3. Tiered management
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The StackPanel Control
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String text = arrived.getBodyText();
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Creating a Windows Forms Project
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You will be stepping through the breakpoints in order to understand the behavior of the thrown exception. Before you begin, we need to make sure that both the Windows Phone project and the web service project start simultaneously when you Press F5. 1. 2. 3. Right-click the ErrorHandlingDemo solution in Solution Explorer and choose the property. The solution property page Window shown in Figure 4 6 will display. Select the Multiple startup projects option, and CalculatorService and ErrorHandlingDemo projects Actions are set to Start. Also put two breakpoints in MainPage.xaml.cs, as shown in Figure 4 6, at the line txtAnswer.Text = e.Result.ToString() and _svc.AddAsync(txtX.Text, txtY.Text).
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want to receive the file. Click OK. Once the file is received, the file will be copied to the desktop folder.
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In 1, I showed you how to define variables and arguments that will be used by the workflow. Using a coding analogy, variables are like class members, and arguments are similar to method parameters. You used variables in the last three chapters. In this chapter, you ll define both input and output arguments and pass them between the workflow and the host application.
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Figure 10-1. Adding the NotifyWindow user control 4. After you create NotifyWindow, you can start defining the layout. First, set the Height of the user control to 75 and the Width to 300.
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Figure 6 29. Viewing the completed SQL Transport Properties dialog box
needed for the subreport must be done outside the parent report; that means that the subreport must be modified like any other report.
Creating Your Own Flex Mashup
Finally, you set the data adapter s InsertCommand property with the command to insert into the Employees table so it will be the SQL the data adapter executes when you call its Update method. You then called Update on the data adapter to propagate the change to the database. Here you added only one row, but since the SQL is parameterized, the data adapter looked for all new rows in the employees data table and submitted inserts for all of them to the database.
Some Useful Attributes
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