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namespace OrderProcess { class Program { static void Main(string[] args) { Order myOrder = new Order { OrderID = 1, Description = "Need some stuff", ShippingMethod = "2ndDay", TotalWeight = 100 }; // create dictionary with input arguments for the workflow IDictionary<string, object> input = new Dictionary<string, object> { { "OrderInfo" , myOrder } }; // execute the workflow IDictionary<string, object> output = WorkflowInvoker.Invoke(new OrderWF(), input); // Get the TotalAmount returned by the workflow decimal total = (decimal)output["TotalAmount"]; Console.WriteLine("Workflow returned ${0} for my order total", total); Console.WriteLine("Press ENTER to exit"); Console.ReadLine(); } } }
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You can make the following three types of diary entries: Appointments: These are events in your diary that apply to you only. You might have a meeting with a colleague, for example, or might simply want to add a note to your diary to remind you of a particular fact.
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ProxyPort ProxyUsername
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To reduce the footprint of mail services, you should also limit the number of protocols in use on your server. To do so, click the Settings tab for the Mail service in Server Admin, and verify you are using only the services you need (see Figure 16 35). For example, many environments will use only POP or IMAP. If you aren t using one of the two protocols, then disable the other.
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In the accessoryDisconnected: method, you get the accessory from the notification and check to make sure it is in your accessory list using the enum design pattern:
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Let s add the header to the report. As usual, adding a header is simple: right-click the open area inside the report designer and select Page Header. Your report design surface should look similar to Figure 10-5.
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User Administration Options
Project Walkthrough
The options under the On Battery Power tab, which will be present only on a notebook computer, are largely the same as those under the On AC Power tab, as you can see in Figure 8-7. These settings come into operation the instant the main power is disconnected from your notebook and the battery kicks in.
A number of properties are available on the ErrorReport object. This solution worked with one of these, ReceivePortName. Building a more complex solution using an orchestration will allow access to all the remaining properties. For example, assume that instead of a send port subscribing to the ErrorReport as shown in this solution, you have an orchestration with a receive port. The orchestration will receive the message, and you can then access the ErrorReport properties in the send port filter, receive filter of an orchestration, or within an Expression shape, as shown in Figure 4 28.
Note Earlier, I mentioned that there are three options for BindingMode. The third option is OneTime binding. In this mode, the values are sent to the target control property when the object is set to the DataContext. However, the values of the target property are not updated when the source value changes.
Figure 6-9. Creating a Network Disk Image
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