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Figure 3 26. Development Fabric simulating the Azure Service environment In the previous steps, you created the NotepadDB database in SQL Azure and NotepadService hosted locally using Development AppFabric to simulate Windows Azure. In the following section, you
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The more complex link-building tag is used to allow reasonably efficient generation of links to components of the portlet as JSP pages without substantial rewriting of the JSP page. For example, the original page might provide a URL linking index.jsp to viewForum.jsp thus:
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@property (nonatomic, readonly) EAAccessory *accessory
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Caution Whenever a client places a method call to a remote object with an expired TTL, an exception will
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Using these functions, you can construct the XML from the beginning of this section as follows: let doc = xdoc [ xelem "contacts" [ xelem "contact" [ (xelem "name" (xstr "John Smith")) (xelem "phone" [ xatt "type" "home" xstr "+1 626-123-4321" ]) ] ] ] This also includes the default document header (< xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" >). If this header isn t needed, you can omit the top-level call to xdoc.
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Promise RAID setups, like those of Xserve (or any other) will eventually suffer a drive failure. But the Promise products contain a few features that differentiate them Xserve s.
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Using the <wellknown> property in the server-side configuration file, you can specify SingleCall and Singleton objects that will be provided by your server. This property supports the same attributes that can also be specified when calling RemotingConfiguration.RegisterWellKnownServiceType(), as listed here:
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}, new CreateResponse { Request = new InArgument<ReservationRequest>(env => request.Get(env)), Response = new OutArgument<ReservationResponse> (env => response.Get(env)), Reserved = new InArgument<bool>(env => reserved.Get(env)), }, new WriteLine { Text = new InArgument<string>(env => "Sending response to: " + request.Get(env).Requester.BranchName), }, new SendReply { Request = receiveRequest, Content = SendContent.Create (new InArgument<ReservationResponse>(response)) } } }; The four variables defined in the constructor are declared in the body of the workflow. As expected, the Receive activity (receiveRequest) is the first activity in the workflow. It is followed by two WriteLine activities: the first displays the name of the branch that is making the request, and the second shows the title that is being requested. The Assign activity simply sets the reserved variable to true. In this example, we will assume that the title was available. The Delay activity will pause the workflow for two seconds, simulating some processing that would normally occur to check their inventory. The custom CreateResponse activity is then executed to create the ReservationResponse class, which will be stored in the response variable. A final WriteLine activity indicates that the response is being sent.
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5 15. Maintaining Message Order
Generated Metadata Assembly
Figure 6 10. The remaining connections
Figure 20-15. Adding a custom activity to the project This will display a blank designer for the custom activity, as shown in Figure 20-16.
2004/10/20/draft-ietf-atompub-format-03.html#rfc.section.2 for more information about the
This option invokes the Add New Item dialog, enabling you to specify a new item name and type (see Figure 2-11).
Creating the Sink Providers
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