and authorization resources, and there are additional filter implementations to collect the necessary credentials. Your Acegi-enabled application therefore has drop-in replacements for the following mechanisms: Central Authentication Services (CAS) Java Authentication and Authorization Services (JAAS) Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Remote Client Protocol (RCP) SiteMinder X.509 You are unlikely to encounter a security mechanism that is not covered by one of these methods and for which the UserDetailsService is insufficient.
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What should we do with the baseline formula when the query doesn t need to visit the table at all Again, we can start with an informal argument, and check to see if the arithmetic works. If we aren t going to visit the table, then perhaps we just ignore the last component the bit that represents the visit to the table (btree_cost_03.sql in the online code suite).
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Introducing Connections
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In this chapter, you looked at the .NET Framework special types that also have language support in C++/CLI and that are the modern versions of classic C++ types: String for character strings, .NET arrays, and .NET enumerated types. You also learned about related functionality in the .NET Framework and C++/CLI language for each of these types, such as stream I/O, the use of parameter arrays to implement variable argument lists, and the use of enums as flags. In the next chapter, you ll study other types, classes, and structs.
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However, if you want to pass the parameters through the URL, you need to call the SWF directly like so:
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CHAPTER 4: Storage
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Here is what we add inside our class. First, outside of your constructor, declare your zoomAmount variable; then add the zoomIn and zoomOut methods.
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Use CHAPI Send UDP datagrams Receive UDP datagrams Read filesystem Create and write files Open HTTP connections Open secure HTTPS connections Open MMS connections for sending or receiving Open SMS connections for sending or receiving Open socket connection Open secure (SSL or TLS) socket connection Automatically start application when push events are received Access GPS/LBS location Record audio Record snapshots Read contacts Create or modify contacts
At this point, we can verify that it is the appropriate certificate, and then tap on the Install button to install it. If you are using an internally signed Certificate Authority, then you will be presented with an error, as seen in Figure 10-8.
At the core of integration projects is the need to exchange data. When systems are required to pass data, the data must either be in a common format or the systems must have a way in which to map the data from one system to another. Historically, mapping was spread across multiple components and entities, such as the database layer, the data access layer, and even the publishing and consuming systems themselves. When additional systems were added to the integration, or requirements around the mapping logic changed, many systems and components involved in the integration would need to be customized. Integration applications, such as BizTalk Server, offer a centralized and organized platform for handling mapping and provide tools to aid in the development of these mappings.
Click finish when completed. Notice that the service is now available under the Data FS Services window, you can right click the service and select Test Operation. In the Test Operation window you can see the results (see Figure 10-10).
Managing the Search Policy
Figure 22-3. s main configuration options are accessed by selecting
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