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Figure 7-28. Database integrity check
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The init() method is passed an object implementing the PortletConfig interface. This object will be unique to the portlet definition and provides access to the initialization parameters and the ResourceBundle configured for the portlet in the portlet definition. The init() method on a portlet instance is called only once by a portlet container. Until the init() method has been invoked successfully, the portlet will not be considered active, so static initialization of the class should not trigger any methods that make this assumption. For example, the static (class rather than object scope) initializers of your class should not invoke connections to a database. In our example, the init() method increases the number of portlet instances noted in the portletCounter attribute:
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CHAPTER 18: Backup and Fault Tolerance
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One important point is that portlets may not be included in the output of another portlet using dispatchers. Rendering one portlet s content inside another portlet should be accomplished by calling methods directly to get content, providing access to the portlet s templates, or another form of direct access.
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Part Name
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Vehicles.Boat.prototype = { getBoatType: function() { return(this._boatType); }, getBoatSize: function() { return(this._boatSize); }, getBoatName: function() { return(this._boatName); }, getBoatDetails: function() { var strDetails = this._boatName + " is a " + this._boatType + " boat that is size: " + this._boatSize; return(strDetails); }, dispose: function() { alert("destroying " + this.getBoatName()); } }
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Figure 16-15. Recent comments listed
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The theme() function is used to call all theme_foo functions in Drupal. For example, to call Tip
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Portal and Portlet Configuration
SQL Server 2005 Express
Cryptography is a fascinating area, and, if it interests you, you can easily spend hours, days, or years reading about different options and experimenting with them. There are a few extra items you can pursue in MediaGrabber to make it more secure for your users. Allow the user to enter her own key that will be used for encryption instead of using a hard-coded one. Extra credit: Generate a strong key based on text that she enters (e.g., generate a value like 0x42FAAB783C10CE77 from the password tristero.) Super extra credit: Securely store the user s key so she doesn t need to type it in every time she sends an encrypted message. Add support for multiple ciphers to the app, such as AES, TripleDES, and RC5. Allow the user to select which encryption method to use when sending. Keep in mind that this also will require support for multiple key sizes. Make your app as secure against hackers as you can. Conceal your key within the .cod file. Experiment with ways to generate key values that also allow the receiver to figure out the key. Program security requires constant vigilance, so completing these exercises will help you develop the mindset of constant paranoia and inquisitiveness that will help you discover flaws before they can be exploited.
> open System.IO;; > [@"C:\Program Files"; @"C:\Windows"] |> Directory.GetDirectories;; val it : string [] list = [ [|"C:\\Program Files\\Adobe"; "C:\\Program Files\\Apoint"; "C:\\Program Files\\CA"; "C:\\Program Files\\CE Remote Tools"; ...]; ... ]
Use the PROPFIND method to access the properties of a resource. The client will ask for a set of properties by name for a given WebDAV resource. The server can also return all of the properties for the resource. The client may also ask for all of the resource s properties along with all of its children s properties up to a given depth. The depth may be 0, 1, or infinity. An infinity depth returns the properties of all resources under the named resource. If your WebDAV client needs to browse through content in the server s repository, the PROPFIND method is useful for determining what the current resource s properties are and the names and types of resources under the current resource. You can easily create a directory listing style interface. If you use a depth of 1 or infinity, your application could cache the properties to improve performance.
Importing and Signing Public Keys
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