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Figure 13-2 shows what the application looked like before we started removing functionality.
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Once an Invocation is initiated, the client is permitted to simply let it run. If it wishes to learn the result, it can call Registry.setListener() and pass in a ResponseListener. This object will be notified whenever an Invocation has completed, whether successfully or with an error. It will receive notifications of all invocations until setListener() is called again with null. At any point, the client can call Registry.getResponse() to receive a completed Invocation. Like ContentHandlerServer.getRequest(), you can pass true or false to this method depending on whether you wish to wait until an Invocation is available or not. A Registry instance can be obtained by calling the static method Registry.getRegistry() and passing in the classname. The provided classname must be the name of a class in the currently running package. The next example shows a potential helper method that processes a file selection request. It first checks the Registry to see whether a preferred handler is installed. If so, it will specify that handler s ID in the Invocation to ensure that it is used; otherwise, it will accept whatever default the Registry chooses. The app registers a listener that will be notified when the request succeeds or fails. In a real app, it would continue processing from this point, perhaps by reading in data from the selected file.
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In this exercise, you will use the existing Windows Forms Application named WinApp, which you created previously in the chapter. You will see how to modify this application in such a way that when you resize the form, its controls behave accordingly and keep the application presentable for the user. 1. Go to Solution Explorer and open the WinApp project. Open the WinApp form in Design mode. 2. Select the form by clicking its title bar; you will see handles around form s border, which allow you to resize the form s height and width. 3. Place the cursor on the handle of the right-hand border, and when mouse pointer becomes double-headed, click and stretch the form toward the right-hand side. You will see that form s width increases, but the controls are still attached to the left corner of the form. 4. Similarly, grab the handle located on the bottom of the form and try to increase the height of the form. You will notice that the controls are still attached to the top side of the form. Have a look at Figure 14-13, which shows a resized (height and width) form and the position of the controls. The controls appear in the top-left corner because their Dock property values are None and Anchor property values are Top, Left.
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TIP: When naming OS X computers, you will generally want to follow what is referred to as the LDH rule. As defined, the LDH rule calls for the use of only ASCII alphabetic and numeric characters in addition the hyphen (-), no other punctuation or characters are allowed. Avoid all numeric names, and with any *nix system, avoid starting a hostname with a numeric character. Next click on the Bind button and you will be asked to authenticate into the Active Directory domain using the following fields, as you can see in Figure 3-5: Username: Contains any valid user account that is capable of joining computers to the domain. Additionally, this user must have rights to create new objects in the container or organizational unit you are saving the computer into, access that can be delegated by the Active Directory administrator. If your Active Directory environment is strictly controlled, you may have to request a computer record be pre-populated rather than attempt to use the supplied credentials to create one.
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1. Open Device Manager (System Administration Device Manager), and select
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Introducing the User Control Panel
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3: Data Models, Datasets, and the ADO.NET Interface
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MEDIADESCRIPTION: Gives a description to the media set. MEDIANAME: Names the media set. MEDIAPASSWORD: Gives the media set its password. NAME: Names the backup set. NOREWIND | REWIND: Specifies whether to rewind a tape or not. NOUNLOAD | UNLOAD: Specifies whether the tape is unloaded or kept on the tape drive. STATS [ = percentage ]: SQL Server will provide a message at this percentage interval telling you how much of the approximate backup has completed. Useful for gauging progress of long-running backups. COPY_ONLY: Tells SQL Server that this is a copy of the data. It cannot be used as a full backup point for differential backups, as the differential backups will be in line with the last pure full backup. This option is ideal if you take weekly backups for dumping the data to a user test region, as it will not affect the production backup process. The only remaining option is for files or file groups where you can name the file or file group that the backup is for. The preceding options do not change for files or file groups.
Figure 11 27. BAM alert
After installation is finished, run the tripwire configuration script. This will create the necessary configuration files and passphrases, and then sign the configuration files with those passphrases.
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