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CHAPTER 14 THE 10053 TRACE FILE 2005 code barcode reader
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Figure 7-5. Finding the services in the solution
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Overview of XSLT
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As shown, the application has a simple user interface: a form with two labels, a menu bar, and a few dialog boxes. The menu bar has several menu items. The Tools Plugins Available Plugins menu item displays the application s optional plug-in and allows the user to install it on demand. The other interesting menu is the About menu. When this menu item is selected, it displays a dialog box that shows the application s current deployment version number. Note that the main user interface (MainForm) displays a message that says Message From PluginOne. This label points to a message from PluginOne. When the application starts, it checks to see whether the plug-in has been installed, and if so, it loads a class and gets a message from the plug-in.
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type="radio" />Subtract<br /> <br /> <input name="btnSubmit" type="submit" value="submit" /> <br /> <br /> The Result is: <asp:Literal ID="litResult" runat="server"></asp:Literal></div> </form> </body> </html>
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Some items in this book will require the superuser, often referred to as the root user, to be enabled. The root account is disabled by default (for a reason) and has unbridled access to everything on the computer. This level of access is different from the level of access an administrative user has. For example, while logged in as a root user, one can incorrectly type commands that can erase important files in the operating system. Root is rarely required as a permanently accessible user account. Unless you are using the root account for specific tasks, such as running Carbon Copy Cloner, disable it for the majority of the time. To enable the root account, follow these steps: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Open the Directory Utility located in the /System/Library/CoreServices/ folder. Click the lock icon to authenticate as an administrator. Click the Edit menu, and select Enable Root User from the menu (see Figure 3 5). Once you ve enabled root, make sure to change the root password by clicking on Change Root Password in the same menu. Save the settings by closing the Directory Utility.
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Figure 17-5. Setting the MultiLine property using the Smart Tag of the TextBox control 5. Now click outside the TextBox on the form itself to retain the new size the MultiLine property has given to the TextBox by default. If you want, you can also use the handles (the small three rectangles on each border line) to resize the TextBox control.
Encoding and Decoding Binary Data
The SiteMapPath control displays a link to the end user s current page and a hierarchal path back to the root of the web application. This functionality is oftentimes referred to as a breadcrumb trail for the end user.
car, such as its color, a method is something that you can perform on the car, such as driving it, and an event is something the car informs you of and that you can respond to, such as the little red light that comes on when you are nearly out of gas. In ASP .NET AJAX, properties are either set using dot notation or accessors. The rule of thumb is that you can use dot syntax when the property is a primitive type (such as a string), as follows:
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