As we mentioned, if fails to start based on the current graphical settings, the lowgraphics mode of will run with minimal display settings, as shown in Figure 6-1. In low-graphics mode, you have an option to launch the manual graphical configuration tool, the Screens and Graphics utility. Technically, this utility is made possible through the displayconfig-gtk package. The program can also be run while Ubuntu is up and running by opening a terminal window (Applications Accessories Terminal) and typing gksu displayconfig-gtk. This can be useful if your graphical subsystem works okay but not optimally and you wish to tweak the settings.
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Advanced Linux users should consider using rsync (available for download from http://samba. Tip
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The static Convert<T>() method of the ExpressionServices class is used to create an InArgument<T> class, which is what the Condition property is expecting. These classes and methods use the generic type (<T>) so they can be used for any data type. In this case, we need to use type bool because the Condition property of an If activity is expecting only true or false. The expression is implemented by a lambda expression (similar to that used by LINQ syntax) to extract the data from the workflow environment. In a lambda expression, the => is referred to as the lambda operator. Parameters to the left are input parameters, and the actual expression is defined on the right side of the lambda operator. The value of env is supplied by the runtime when it tries to evaluate the Condition. The workflow is actually stateless; it doesn t store any data elements. The Variable classes are simply data definitions. To get the actual data from a Variable class, you ll use its Get() method. This requires a token of sorts, which is an ActivityContext class. This is used to differentiate the values for this particular workflow instance from others that might be running concurrently. The value returned from Get(env) is then compared to see whether it s greater than 12. Enter the following code for the While activity: DisplayName = "Sound Bells", // Code to be added here in Level 2 Condition = ExpressionServices.Convert<bool> (env => counter.Get(env) <= numberBells.Get(env)), Body = new Sequence() { DisplayName = "Sound Bell" // Code to be added here in Level 3 } The Condition property on the While activity is identical to the If activity. It also uses the ExpressionServices class to create an InArgument<T> class, also of type bool. In this case, it is evaluating whether count <= numberBells. For both of these variables, it uses the Get(env) method to obtain the actual value. For the second If activity (named Greeting ), enter the following code:
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Clean slate: The simulator folder contains a file called clean.bat. Whenever the simulator seems to be behaving strangely, try running this file. It will place the simulator back into its original state, removing any changes you have made. Not clean enough: The Eclipse Plug-in includes options for erasing simulator files. At the time of writing, these are pretty unreliable, particularly for extra simulators you have downloaded. It might be necessary to navigate to the simulator directory yourself and manually delete the modules you have loaded. Too many changes: Any time you switch the JDE Component Package you are using, be sure to also change the MDS simulator version and clean the simulators. Otherwise, even if your application runs, you may encounter strange networking errors or other problems. Also, clean and rebuild your project until no errors occur. Source control: RIM s Eclipse tools do not always work well with source control metadata files; in particular, it can get confused with Subversion files that look similar to resource files. These are often transient errors, and a fresh build will fix the problem. If it grows too annoying, consider exporting your source control files to a clean directory, running Eclipse with those files, and then copying back when you are ready to check back in.
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This chapter has shown the many wireless messaging choices that you can use when developing an app. Each option has its own unique profile and advantages, so there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Depending on your app s needs, you may be drawn to the ubiquity of SMS, the presentation options of MMS, the desktop integration and wide capacity of email, or the unique BlackBerry aspect of PIN messaging. Each has its own quirks, and now that you are aware of them, you will be able to take full advantage of each to its fullest. Many successful BlackBerry apps will stick with conventional networking technologies, such as HTTP or socket programming. Those are great choices if you want to reuse existing server components, run on any device with a data connection, or require more continuous communication. Wireless messaging, on the other hand, is perfect for connecting with existing platforms of message delivery with very little extra effort on your part. Decide early in your project which is the best approach. Your app is now capturing information on the device and sending it over the network. Wouldn t it be bad, though, if your boss ended up seeing the pictures you took at that wild party 5 will examine ways to protect the data we send from the device, keeping it secure and making sure that the intended recipient has access.
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More information on MSDN: frlrfsystemruntimeremotingchannelsiclientchannelsinkproviderclasstopic.asp
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In this brief walkthrough, you will test if you can establish a secure connection to a remote server (PayPal), and then you will write a small Windows Phone 7 application that programmatically loads secure content from the PayPal web site. 1. The quickest way to test whether a connection to a secure web site can be established is to open up Internet Explorer on Windows Phone 7 Emulator or a Windows Phone 7 device and type the URL of a secure remote server. Launch Windows Phone 7 Emulator by clicking Start All Programs Windows Phone Developer Tools Windows Phone 7 Emulator. Once the emulator loads, click the Internet Explorer icon and type in to go to the secure PayPal site. You should see the main screen of the PayPal web site.
Using this interface, you can allow a specific application, or you can specify a whitelisted folder wherein any application that resides within it is always trusted. Specifying broad access based on folder paths is not inherently secure, and doesn t utilize digital signing protections. To utilize application restrictions to its fullest, you will want to allow specific applications in-use by your organization. This allows for fine-grained targeting of applications without the need to worry about whether file system restrictions have been bypassed or not. By utilizing application signing, the system has a very secure way to
Figure 8-13. Version 2 client running
Adding a category is simple: type in the new category name into the Name field. Category names must be unique, but other than that, there are no restrictions. You should keep your category names relatively short and descriptive. Consider how the categories are displayed on the default template. It displays the categories a post is in with the text Posted in x, where x is the category name. Thus, category names like Hints and Tips, Technology, and Questions work well. You can add a description to each category, too. This description can be displayed on your blog, if the theme you use supports that. For instance, the description may appear as a tool tip when you hover your mouse over a link to the category, as shown in Figure 15-13.
Figure 15 7. RobotSoundDemo in design view
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