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Full Screen Pinning
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Network Scanning, Intrusion Detection, and Intrusion Prevention Tools
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Here we use the Subject.doAs() method
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Multiple Folders and Rules
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Now that you have created the service type, it s time to think about hosting it. Hosting the service will allow client applications to consume it. To host the service, you have three options: Create a console application and use it as a host. Host the WCF service in IIS. Host the WCF service in a Windows service application. In this example, we will use a console application as a host. In later sections, you will learn to use IIS to host WCF services. Add a new project of the type console application in the same solution as the service and name it EmployeeServiceHostConsole. Add a reference to the System.ServiceModel and EmployeeLibrary assemblies. Add an application configuration file to the project by using the Add New Item dialog box (Figure 12-2).
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_optimizer_squ_bottomup = true _fic_area_size = 131072 _optimizer_skip_scan_enabled = true _optimizer_cost_filter_pred = false _optimizer_sortmerge_join_enabled = true _optimizer_join_sel_sanity_check = true _mmv_query_rewrite_enabled = false _bt_mmv_query_rewrite_enabled = true _add_stale_mv_to_dependency_list = true _distinct_view_unnesting = false _optimizer_dim_subq_join_sel = true _optimizer_disable_strans_sanity_checks = 0 _optimizer_compute_index_stats = true _push_join_union_view2 = true _optimizer_ignore_hints = false _optimizer_random_plan = 0 _query_rewrite_setopgrw_enable = true _optimizer_correct_sq_selectivity = true _disable_function_based_index = false _optimizer_join_order_control = 3 _optimizer_push_pred_cost_based = true *************************************** Column Usage Monitoring is ON: tracking level = 1 ***************************************
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Entering data into the finished database is easy. Click the Forms icon in the Database pane, and then double-click the form you created earlier. The Form Control toolbar will still be visible. To hide it, click its close button at the topright corner of the toolbar. After this, you can start to enter data into the form, as shown in the example in Figure 26-5. Note that you do not need to enter data in the ID field, because this will automatically be filled with the primary key number. Once you ve filled in the form, you can click the Next Record button in the Form Navigation toolbar running along the button of the window (don t forget that hovering the mouse cursor over each button reveals a tooltip explaining what the button does). This will move you on to the next blank form, where you can enter more data. Repeat this as many times as necessary. The Form Navigation toolbar contains other handy tools. For example, the first button a magnifying glass lets you search the database for a particular entry. It s well worth investigating the functions.
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CHAPTER 1: Getting Started
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by Elad Elrom
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Figure 19-1. Running FxCop on the code from Listing 19-1 to assist in making remote copies of their backups. See http:// for more information.
This naturally requires extra care to ensure that the proper keys are assigned. You can now access the resulting connection string by reading the ConnectionString property and use it to create a connection object:
Handles blocks Builds a container Generates a breadcrumb trail Handles comments Styles elements that are typically found in forms, such as text boxes and input tags Takes a list of links such as primary and secondary links and styles them Is responsible for the previous, up, and next links in book hierarchies Generates Drupal pages Handles nodes Takes one user and displays her profile fields (for use in lists of users) Generates a submenu Generates the listing of a user s account information; the one seen by visiting user/1, for example Generates an XML icon
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