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public ListBox GetEventListBox() { return this.lstEvents; } private void Window_Loaded(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { // Open the config file and get the connection string Configuration config = ConfigurationManager.OpenExeConfiguration (ConfigurationUserLevel.None); ConnectionStringsSection css = (ConnectionStringsSection)config.GetSection("connectionStrings"); _connectionString = css.ConnectionStrings["LeadGenerator"].ConnectionString; _instanceStore = new SqlWorkflowInstanceStore(_connectionString); InstanceView view = _instanceStore.Execute (_instanceStore.CreateInstanceHandle(), new CreateWorkflowOwnerCommand(), TimeSpan.FromSeconds(30)); _instanceStore.DefaultInstanceOwner = view.InstanceOwner; // Create the DBExtension _dbExtension = new DBExtension(_connectionString); LoadExistingLeads(); } private void btnAddLead_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { // Setup a dictionary object for passing parameters Dictionary<string, object> parameters = new Dictionary<string, object>(); parameters.Add("ContactName", txtName.Text); parameters.Add("ContactPhone", txtPhone.Text); parameters.Add("Interests", txtInterest.Text); parameters.Add("Notes", txtNotes.Text); parameters.Add("Rating", int.Parse(txtRating.Text)); parameters.Add("Writer", new ListBoxTextWriter(lstEvents)); WorkflowApplication i = new WorkflowApplication (new EnterLead(), parameters); // Setup persistence SetupInstance(i); i.Run(); }
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A deadlock is where two separate data manipulations, in different transactions, are being performed at the same time. However, each transaction is waiting for the other to finish the update before it can complete its update. Neither manipulation can be completed because each is waiting for the other to finish. A deadlock occurs, and it can (and will) lock the tables and database in question. So, for example, transaction 1 is updating the customers table
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Activity Node
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Content Management Systems
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View Controller Modifications
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One of the more expensive options with physical servers is the notion of clusters. In order to build a cluster, you first build your primary server (or node), which has a defined set of shared disks (called a resource group). Sharing disks between multiple nodes does not require a SAN, but having a SAN can make your life a little easier. You then add nodes to the cluster, with each node being defined to that same resource group. The entire cluster appears on your network as a single server instance, but it is really made up of multiple server instances. You will hear talk of primary nodes, secondary nodes, or failover nodes; all that talk amounts to fancy words for a server instance.
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5 8. Calling External Assemblies
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Extensions allow you to add configurable behavior to a workflow solution. The activities that you include in your workflow define the steps that are performed, while the extensions provide the operating environment that these activities are executed in. In our solution, for example, the persistence extension is not aware of what activities are executed; the extension however, provides the ability to persist those activities (whatever they might be) to a durable store. There are two key aspects of extensions that make then extremely useful. First, as was inferred earlier, they are configurable. For example, the persistence provider that was used (SqlWorkflowInstanceStore) was designed to use a SQL Server database. Without changing the application or the workflow definition, it could be replaced with a custom extension that uses an Oracle database, or perhaps an XML file, or whatever is appropriate for the environment. The second aspect of extensions is that they can be accessed both from the application as well as the workflow activities. This provides a convenient tool for sharing information between the application and the workflow, as you ll see shortly.
Figure 1 5. iPhone Point of Sale Terminal
A Simple Workflow
Figure 4-4. Registration information
1. Within Query Editor, let s alter our trigger to deal with an UPDATE first of all before moving to the UPDATE() function. The first part of the alteration is to tag an UPDATE to the AFTER statement. ALTER TRIGGER TransactionDetails.trgInsTransactions ON TransactionDetails.Transactions AFTER INSERT,UPDATE AS 2. Then we need to deal with the undoing of the amount in the DELETED table row from the CustomerDetails.Customers table. The actions on the ClearedBalance need to be the opposite of the addition. UPDATE CustomerDetails.Customers SET ClearedBalance = ClearedBalance ISNULL((SELECT CASE WHEN CreditType = 0 THEN d.Amount * -1 ELSE d.Amount END FROM DELETED d JOIN TransactionDetails.TransactionTypes tt ON tt.TransactionTypeId = d.TransactionType WHERE AffectCashBalance = 1),0) FROM CustomerDetails.Customers c JOIN DELETED d ON d.CustomerId = c.CustomerId
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