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For a number of tasks, dscl is the gateway to directory services. This can include viewing existing information from local or network directory services, augmenting settings for the local directory service node, or altering how the directory services daemon functions, including the priority that is given to each directory domain, or entry in a plug-in. From an enterprise management perspective, perhaps the most useful aspect of dscl is that it can be used to automate account creation and editing. To create a local account using the command line (and thus be able to script the process), dscl is the preferred command. Dscl is an interactive tool that can, in its simplest form, be used by simply typing dscl at a command-line prompt. To see all of the directory services plug-ins that are enabled on the system, type ls at the prompt:
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Give your search a name and select your search criteria. You can search by the contents of the message (as with filtering, explained previously), by Sender (the name of the process sending the message), by Facility (a legacy designation of the part of the system sending the message), or by Level (the severity of the message). It s possible to create very granular searches that will be a big help in keeping an eye on your system.
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Open the PersistAssignment.cs file from the LeadResponse project. Add the following namespaces: using using using using using System.ServiceModel; System.ServiceModel.Activities; System.ServiceModel.Channels; System.ServiceModel.Description; System.Collections.ObjectModel;
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Figure 15-9. The Insert Image link appears at the top-right corner of the page.
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The loop through the second data table is interesting mainly for its first line, which uses an ordinal index: For Each row In dtc(1).Rows Since you don t rename the second data table (you could do so with its TableName property), it is better to use the index rather than the name (customers1), since a change to the name in the Fill() call would require you to change it here, an unlikely thing to remember to do, if the case ever arises.
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In other cases, of course, you will see Oracle starting small and growing the memory which is why in the previous section we saw the 10104 trace file starting with 672KB of memory when there was a notional limit of at least 1.5MB or even 3MB if Oracle had needed more to avoid an expensive join, it would have resized the hash table upwards as it came to the end of the first build phase.
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We will now follow how the UserAccountDAO and ConfigHelper properties interact with a specific test method implementation, testReadById() highlighted in bold in Listing 10-2. When we call the readById() method of a UserAccountDao implementation, we assume that previous calls to the create() method have successfully established an entity in the database and assigned a suitable primary key value to it. Calling the readById() method should then retrieve the corresponding entity for the primary key that we provide. Our test is implemented to check this behavior. First we instantiate a UserAccount bean, as shown in Listing 10-3.
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Removing Database Updates
The Windows Phone Launchers and Choosers framework is a collection of APIs you can use to indirectly access core Windows Phone applications, like the phone or contact list, to perform a specific task. Launchers can launch a phone application but return no data. A chooser, such as a photo chooser, on the other hand, returns data to the application that calls it. Tables 16 1 and 16 2 list all of the launchers and choosers that ship with the Windows Phone platform today and how each is used. The CameraCaptureTask chooser launches the built-in Windows Phone camera application, allowing a user of
APPENDIX A: Xsan Security
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