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The corresponding implementation class would look like this:
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Spot the issue until the point where the tables fail to overlap at all, the computed cardinality does not change from assuming that the overlap is 100%. (In fact, 8i is even worse it doesn t even notice that the overlap has disappeared completely and keeps reporting a cardinality of 1,000,000.) If you want a graphic image of what is happening, Figure 10-1 represents the 0, 50, and 100 state of the two tables visually it is obvious that the join is likely to be less successful as the two tables slide past each other, but the arithmetic simply doesn t change. If you are joining two tables with the expectation of eliminating rows because rows in one table are not supposed to exist in the other table, then the optimizer may well produce an inappropriate execution plan because its rules of calculation do not match your knowledge of the data.
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void f() { R r; r.P = 100; }
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CHAPTER 3: Some Basics
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Clearly, when things go wrong, something has caused the ix_sel_with_filters to get copied into the ix_sel which has the effect of losing the cost of the leaf_block accesses. Just to confuse the issue though, if you run script btree_cost_02a.sql several times in a row, you will find that sometimes it produces the wrong cost, and sometimes it produces the right cost, with the following line appearing in the 10053 trace: ix_sel: 1.6333e-001 ix_sel_with_filters: 8.0041e-003
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Figure 6-6. Executing the modified stored procedure
Figure 16-9. Stored procedure database exception message
MultipartMessage MultipartMessage N/A N/A PhoneLog N/A TextMessage TextMessage Parameter type for this particular menu ToDo
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chapters to skip to with the thumbnails of each chapter. MediaPlayerLauncher is more useful if you simply want to play video or audio using the default media player of the Windows Phone. The default media player that comes with Windows Phone supports basic functions such as play, pause, move forward, move backward, and play time elapsed. MediaElement will support a variety of video and audio formats. See Table 15 1 for the most commonly used formats that are supported by Windows Phone. A complete list can be found at Table 15 1. Media Formats Supported on Windows Phone
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