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catch(SEHException^ e) { Console::WriteLine("{0}\nErrorCode: 0x{1:x}", e->ToString(), e->ErrorCode); } byval = false; try { throw_native_exception(byval); } catch(NativeException* native_exception) { wprintf(L"Caught NativeException: %s\n", native_exception->GetMessage()); } catch(SEHException^ e) { Console::WriteLine("{0}\nErrorCode: 0x{1:x}", e->ToString(), e->ErrorCode); } } The output Listing 12-24 is shown here: Caught NativeException: Native Exception By Value Caught NativeException: Native Exception on Native Heap
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Figure 17-5. A Parallel activity with three CompensableActivity objects
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The nvarchar type is defined in a similar way to varchar, except it uses Unicode and therefore doubles the amount of space required to store the data.
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CHAPTER 17: Network Scanning, Intrusion Detection, and Intrusion Prevention Tools
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It depends, of course. Do you want your data to stay online when one drive fails Most people do, but perhaps you do not. In that case, RAID 0 is for you! No need to worry about parity or mirroring, just configure your disks as one big striped set and be done with it. What about performance and costs Most people care about them as well, and chances are you care, too. But when it comes to SQL Server, you will find that no one RAID level is going to suit your every need. Wait a minute . . . do you know what those needs are yet Well, let s discuss them in their simplest view.
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Table 10-2 shows the primary namespaces in .NET Framework DLLs from Table 10-1. In some cases, parts of these libraries are covered elsewhere in this book; the table notes these cases. For example, 4 introduced portions of the .NET I/O library from the System.IO namespace. Table 10-2. Namespaces in the DLLs from Table 10-1, with MSDN Descriptions
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Tag Libraries
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Here is a final example, showing the use of named groups: let entry = @" Jolly Jethro 13 Kings Parade Cambridge, Cambs CB2 1TJ " let re = regex @"( <=\n)\s*( <city>[^\n]+)\s*,\s*( <county>\w+)\s+( <pcode>.{3}\s*.{3}).*$" You can now use this regular expression to match the text and examine the named elements of the match: > let r = re.Match(entry);; val r : Match > r.Groups.["city"].Value;; val it : string = "Cambridge" > r.Groups.["county"].Value;; val it : string = "Cambs" > r.Groups.["pcode"].Value;; val it : string = "CB2 1TJ" You can also combine regular expression matching with active patterns, described in 9. For example: let (|IsMatch|_|) (re: string) (inp:string) = if Regex(re).IsMatch(inp) then Some() else None let (|MatchGroups|_|) (re: string) (inp:string) = let results = Regex(re).Match(inp) if results.Success then Some results.Groups else None These active patterns can now be used as follows: > | | | match "This is a string" with IsMatch "( i)HIS" -> "yes, it matched" IsMatch "ABC" -> "this would not match" _ -> "nothing matched"
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What About Interfaces
The preamble can contain F# code, typically opening various modules and defining helper functions. You define the tokens (terminal symbols) of the grammar with the %token directive, giving the name of the token(s) preceded by its type enclosed in <>. The type can be omitted if a token carries no data. There must be at least one start symbol defined using the %start; you give its type with the %type directive. The resulting parser exposes only those parsing functions that were designated as start symbols. The productions for the same nonterminal can be merged into the same rule, separated by an | character.
Adding a User Interface
A unique identifier that is assigned in the Main Flow orchestration and travels with each message through the entire request and full response. The unique identifier specifying which Task Processing orchestration should instantiate based on the call. All Task Processing orchestration instances will subscribe to messages that are based on the TaskProcessingLogicCall schema. To ensure that the correct Task Processing orchestration is kicked off, the Receive shape in the Task Processing orchestration must be filtered on this field. Note that if only one instance of the Task Processing orchestration is being used, there is no need to implement this filter. The name of the task that is to be executed in the Task Processing orchestration. The Task Processing orchestration can have multiple branches in a Decide shape. The branch that is executed is based on the value in this parameter. Maximum number of retries for a task that has thrown an exception. For example, if a call is being made to a database, and the connection to the database is unavailable, the Task Processing orchestration will return an exception. The Exception Handler orchestration will then retry (after a delay) the call to the task. Use this parameter to specify the maximum number of retries before notifying an administrator. Amount of time between retries. This parameter is in seconds. If the call to the task is a call with one single simple type parameter (such as a string, integer, and so on), this parameter can be used. It is a distinguished field and can be easily accessed. This is a repeating node allowing for multiple input parameters. Use this structure when multiple input parameters are needed. Values can be accessed using XPath queries in the Task Processing orchestration (see the demonstration for examples). Name: Name of the parameter. Type: The parameter type (integer, string, and so on). This parameter is not required. Value: The value of the parameter. The XPath query can find the Value based on the Name. This <Any> element can be populated with any type of XML document that may need to be passed to the Task Processing orchestration. There can be multiple XMLParameter values passed. See the demonstration for examples of how this parameter can be populated and read.
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