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Running the Application
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Figure 8-34. Using the LIKE operator 3. We can also go to extremes using the LIKE operator, for example, seeing which players have the letter n anywhere in their name. The code for this is shown here: SELECT CustomerFirstName + ' ' + CustomerLastName AS [Name] FROM CustomerDetails.Customers WHERE CustomerFirstName + ' ' + CustomerLastName LIKE '%n%' 4. When you execute this, you should get the results shown in Figure 8-35: four customers are returned, as they have an n somewhere in their name.
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The namespace System.Windows.Data will allow you to declare the IValueConverted interface for the BoolToVisibilityConverter class. using System; using System.Windows; using System.Windows.Data; namespace Notepad { public class BoolToVisibilityConverter : IValueConverter {
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Notice how I said recovery plan as opposed to backup plan. In your checklist so far, you have already verified that your database backups are running, started to spot check that you can restore from your backups, and gotten an idea of your important databases. Now is the time to put all of this together in the form of a disaster recovery (DR) plan. For each one of those databases listed as important, you should write down exactly the steps involved to recover should a disaster happen. Make no mistake about it: should a disaster happen, then your job is on the line. If you fail to recover because you are not prepared, then you could easily find yourself reassigned to special projects by the end of next week. The best way to avoid that happening to you is to practice, practice, practice. Your business should have some scheduled DR tests perhaps once a year, but that should not prevent you from doing your own smaller DR tests on a more frequent basis. Document each system and all the steps required to recover. Is the database in fullrecovery mode How frequently are you doing transaction log backups Write down the backup schedule so that it is clear where the restore points are. If your customers expect recovery to the minute and you are in simple mode, then you are heading for a true disaster. And don t forget about recovering from past days or weeks. If your customer needs a database backup restored from two months ago, make certain you know every step in the process in order to get that job done. If your company uses an offsite tape storage company, and if it takes two days to recall a tape from offsite, then you need to communicate that fact to your users ahead of time as part of your DR plans.
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Step 2: Designing the Report Layout
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The user will be asked to confirm her current password, and then to enter the new password twice, to make sure that it has been typed correctly. Alternatively, by adopting superuser powers, a user can change the password of another account:
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