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data.Add(new GridData() { Name = "John Doe", Age = 30, Male = true }); data.Add(new GridData() { Name = "Jane Doe", Age = 32, Male = false }); data.Add(new GridData() { Name = "Jason Smith", Age = 54, Male = true }); data.Add(new GridData() { Name = "Kayli Jayne", Age = 25, Male = false }); } } } return data;
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Don t forget to also change the event name to the new event name in the ImplicitDataBinding.mxml:
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Figure 2 18. Change Device Selection window in Blend 4 9. Click OK and the HelloWorld application will start, as shown in Figure 2 19.
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Try It Out: Loading Text Data from a File
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In this example, you ll use NextResult() to process multiple result sets. 1. Add a new Visual Basic Console Application project named MultipleResults to your 12 solution. Rename Module1.vb to MultipleResults.vb. 2. Replace the code in MultipleResults.vb with the code in Listing 12-6. Listing 12-6. MultipleResults.vb Imports System Imports System.Data Imports System.Data.SqlClient Module MultipleResults Sub Main() Dim connstring As String = _ ("Data Source=.\sqlexpress;" & _ "Integrated Security=True;" & _ "database=northwind")
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When you update more than one column, you code the SET keyword only once. For example, the following statement would change both the name and the phone number of the example company:
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Assertions are a well-known mechanism to assert conditions about the state of a running program, ensuring that at a given point in the program, certain preconditions must hold. For instance, assertions are often used to ensure that the content of an option-valued variable isn t None at some point in the program. During testing, you should ensure that if this precondition isn t satisfied, program execution is suspended as soon as possible. This avoids tracing back from the point where the undefined value of the variable would lead to an exception. The Assert method lets you specify a Boolean condition that must hold; otherwise, the given message is displayed, prompting the user with the failed assertion. Both debug output and assertions are statements that typically are useful during program development; but when a release is made, these calls introduce unnecessary overhead. Often, the program compiled with these extra checks is called the checked version of the program. The .NET Framework designers devised a general mechanism to strip out the calls to methods under a particular condition with decode datamatrix
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Optimizer Profiles
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Surface Area Configuration This tool will help you to reduce the options of a potential attacker by stopping or disabling unused components. For Reporting Services, you can enable or disable the following features: Web services request and HTTP access: If you don t use a client application that requires Reporting Services web service, you can disable this feature. Scheduled events and report delivery: If you only require on-demand report delivery, then you can disable this feature. Windows Integrated Security: In order to access data sources, you need some credentials. If you disable the Windows Integrated Security feature, you will reduce the probability that a user s identity may be used without the user s consent. To access data, you will have several options for obtaining credentials such as prompted credentials, stored credentials, or no credentials. Report Manager I already mentioned this web-based application that allows you to manage a report server. If you don t want to install any client utilities on your machine, then the best management tool for you is Report Manager. Reporting Services Configuration Tool This tool allows you to configure and modify the settings for a reporting services installation. You can configure the virtual directories used by a report server or by the Report Manager application; you can also configure service accounts, report server databases, or e-mail delivery. If you want to scale-out reporting services, you will need this tool. SQL Server Management Studio You should already be familiar with this tool that allows the central management for all SQL Server component servers and it can replace Report Manager. Command Line Tools In addition to graphical tools, Reporting Services comes with several command line utilities such as rs (for scripted operations), rsconfig (for configuring the report server connection to the report server database), rskeymgmt (for encryption key management), and sac (the command line version of Surface Area Configuration).
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Kerberos is the gold standard with regard to single sign-on. Active Directory, Open Directory, and a variety of other solutions use Kerberos. Mac OS X clients also run a Kerberos server to secure peer-to-peer networks. With Kerberos, users and servers verify one another s identity, which helps to prevent a number of sophisticated (and some not so sophisticated) exploits when users are attempting to authenticate to services. Kerberos makes use of a Key Distribution Center (KDC) that consists of two parts, an Authentication Server (AS) and a Ticket Granting Server (TGS). Kerberos works through the use of tickets and principals. A ticket is a session-based key that is used to obtain various service principals to provide access to a respective service. The KDC maintains a database of three types of principals: user; host; and service. These principals are sensitive, shared only between the KDC and the device, service, or user that corresponds to the principal. Upon requesting access to a particular Server Service (SS), say file services over AFP (Apple Filing Protocol), the user must first obtain what is referred to as a Ticket Granting Ticket (TGT). The TGT is obtained by properly authenticating with the Authentication Server. Once a user has a TGT, it can be presented to the TGS to obtain service tickets; in this case a user would request the afpserver service ticket. Once the user is granted this ticket from the TGS, the ticket is presented to the afpserver, which validates the ticket and the session. Assuming no problems are found, the server then grants the user access to the service. The ability to provide the TGT proves an entity s identity. By default, the TGT has a lifetime of 10 hours, which can be renewed without re-authenticating. Once the ticket has expired, the user must re-authenticate to obtain a new TGT and active service principals. Apple s implementation of the MIT Kerberos Key Distribution Center (KDC) is krb5kdc. Apple has modified Kerberos to handle communication with the Apple Password Server, which is responsible for building and replicating the Kerberos Database. Clients who are using Open Directory for authentication (known as binding) will be automatically configured to use Kerberos using special entries provided and updated
chart may display a legend if needed. The tooltips on the chart are optional, as is URL generation. Both tooltips and URLs are used for HTML image maps, if the chart is clickable in a web browser. JFreeChart can also use the OverLIB ( web/overlib/) JavaScript library to generate tooltips for web images. You will need to include the JavaScript source file overlib.js in your portlet application output.
I begin each workday by creating a to-do list specifically for that day. Years ago, I would try to cram as many items on the list as I thought I could fit. Don t do that. It s a trap. As Tom points out, workdays never go purely as planned, and you need to leave some margin for error. I still create a daily list, but I leave a generous margin to handle all the ad hoc items that hit me as the day progresses. The to-do list gives me a target that if I can hit it lets me go home feeling proud of having given a good effort and accomplishing some tangible results.
Figure 9-8. Configuring exit codes with the BMG The BMG tool also allows you to add files that may be required by your prerequisite package (such as a CAB file) using the Additional Files tab. You can configure the bootstrapper to run security validations on the install file prior to running the installer. You do this via the Security tab. Figure 9-9 shows both the Additional Files and Security tabs.
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