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table. It seems that in general, the IO cost per pass is total volume of input data + total volume of output data. The value 19 is Input in blocks + output in blocks = Input Rows * Row size / blocksize + output Rows * Row size / blocksize = 5,000 * 15 / 8192 + 5,000 * 15 / 8192 = 18.3105 -- which rounds up to 19. But in our grouping case, the optimizer has decided that the grouping cardinality is 1,256, so the result changes: 5,000 * 15 / 8192 + 1,256 * 15 / 8192 = 11.455 -- which rounds up to 12
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Bluetooth Preferences dialog box, click the General tab. Check Receive Files from Remote Devices. A bubble will appear that says that Ubuntu is ready to receive incoming files. Click Close in the Bluetooth Preferences dialog box.
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Next, create a brand-new file called dothtaccess.txt in the same folder as wp-config.php. It should be an empty file, but if you re using Notepad, it won t let you create an empty file! Simply press Enter a couple of times to get around this restriction. You can create the file in Windows Explorer if you wish. Simply right-click, choose New Text Document, and name it dothtaccess.txt.
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Figure 5-7. A column that will allow NULL values
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CHAPTER 5: Cryptography
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networksetup -setdhcp WirelessNetwork
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the example. However, DBMSs store datetimes in system-specific encodings. When you use date and time data, read the SQL manual for your database carefully to see how to handle it best.
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