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Port Management
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WordPress has a template function that tells you if the page you are viewing contains a single post: the is_single function. You ll use that template function to decide to exclude the sidebars and allow the post and comments to fill the width of the template. Listing 17-9 show the modified code to make this happen. Listing 17-9. Testing for a Single Page in index.php <div id="pagecontent"> < php if (is_single()) { $main_content_class = 'main-content-full'; } else { $main_content_class = 'main-content-norm'; } include_once('main-content.php'); if (!is_single()) { include_once('sidebar-a.php'); include_once('sidebar-b.php'); } > </div><!-- /pagecontent --> Notice a couple of big changes here. First, all the PHP code is inside one block. You don t need to include each line of PHP inside its own < php > tags. You can amalgamate multiple PHP lines. This works well in this case because there is no longer any HTML code mixed in. Second, you use the WordPress template function is_single to test if the reader is viewing a single post. If the function returns true, then you set your CSS class variable to main-content-full. If it is not true, the else part of the clause is executed, setting the CSS class variable to the normal main-content-norm. The main-content building block isn t included. Then you test again whether you are viewing a single page. This time the test is negative. The exclamation mark in front of the is_single function negates the test. This test means, If the page is not a single
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Designing the Body Section
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Figure 2-23. The Web Site Administration Tool
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Before you upgrade a server to an Open Directory Master, first check that the IP address that Open Directory will be running on matches the information contained in your network s DNS zones for the server and vice-versa. Start out with the changeip command located at /usr/sbin. This command utilizes a number of support scripts found in the /usr/libexec/changeip directory. In its most basic form, changeip can be called with the checkhostname flag and can be run as follows:
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You should check the contents of the other tables as well. Also, there are scripts in the Change Scripts folder that you can use if you want to clear the database of existing instances. DeleteTracking.sql truncates all the tracking tables. Truncate.sql truncates the Lead table as well as the persistent store (the InstanceData table). The complete implementation of AddLead.xaml.cs is shown in Listing 13-6.
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The effect of this query is to join every employee to their department if their department is in group 2, but, because of the outer join, we also preserve every other employee row; then we discard all rows where the join actually found a department. Consequently, what we have left is a single copy of every employee who is not a member of a department in group 2, and (through our human awareness of the meaning of the data) is therefore a member of a department in group 1. Again, we have done too much work to get a result that could (in general) be wrong especially if there is no suitable uniqueness constraint on the dept table. The anti-join is simply
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The most important point to note is that the presence of null values does not change num_distinct (or density); the null values are simply ignored for the purposes of generating statistics. So what do we get as our result for people born in December A human argument would go something like this: if 100 people were born in December, but 10% of the audience don t remember when they were born, then, assuming a uniform distribution of amnesia, 90 of the 100 will remember that they were born in December. The equivalent argument from the optimizer is Base selectivity = 1/12 (from density or from 1/num_distinct) num_nulls = 120 num_rows = 1200 Adjusted selectivity = Base selectivity * (num_rows - num_nulls) / num_rows Adjusted selectivity = (1/12) * ((1200 - 120)/1200) = 0.075 Adjusted cardinality = Adjusted selectivity * num_rows Adjusted cardinality = 0.075 * 1200 = 90 So, we would expect the cardinality to be 90 for our query and sure enough, when we run the test, the cardinality shows up as 90 (script birth_month_02.sql in the online code suite). Execution Plan ( ---------------------------------------------------------0 SELECT STATEMENT Optimizer=ALL_ROWS (Cost=2 Card=1 Bytes=3) 1 0 SORT (AGGREGATE) 2 1 TABLE ACCESS (FULL) OF 'AUDIENCE' (Cost=2 Card=90 Bytes=270)
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Customer.ID Customer.ID Customer.ID
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There are other important sources of null values. For example, the semisafe function Array.zeroCreate creates an array whose values are initially null or, in the case of value types, an array each of whose entries is the zero bit pattern. This function is included with F# primarily because there is no other alternative technique to initialize and create the array values used as building blocks of larger, more sophisticated data structures such as queues and hash tables. Of course, you must use this function with care, and in general you should hide the array behind an encapsulation boundary and be sure the values of the array aren t referenced before they re initialized.
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