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Note anacron is run as the root user, so if you do add your own entry to anacrontab, any files it creates
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selecting the Retrieve the Current Tracking Settings for This Activity Definition box.
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The purpose of this code is to give you a quick starting point to building your stored procedure. Modify the SQL to look like this: CREATE PROCEDURE dbo.AddPhotoAlbum ( @Name varchar(50), @UserID uniqueidentifier, @AlbumID uniqueidentifier ) AS SET NOCOUNT ON SET @AlbumID= newid() INSERT INTO tblPhotoAlbum (Name,UserID,AlbumID) Values (@Name,@UserID,@AlbumID) RETURN This stored procedure, which we have called AddPhotoAlbum, will insert a new row into the tblPhotoAlbum table. It has three parameters. Two are passed into the stored procedure and will provide a name and userID for the photo album. The last parameter is the unique identifier for the photo album. This value will be generated in code as a GUID and passed into the procedure. To create the stored procedure to update a photo album, click to create a new stored procedure and use this code for the procedure: CREATE PROCEDURE dbo.UpdatePhotoAlbum ( @Name varchar(50), @AlbumID uniqueidentifier ) AS SET NOCOUNT ON Update tblPhotoAlbum SET Name = @name WHERE AlbumID = @AlbumID RETURN The UpdatePhotoAlbum accepts two parameters. One is the name of the PhotoAlbum, the only field that can be updated. The other is the AlbumID to update. Here you see the importance of having a primary key unique identifier on a table. If you did not have that in place, you would not be able to provide an adequate WHERE clause to ensure that only the single photo
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Anyone who knows me also knows I have an affinity for bacon. I like it so much that I am certain it will be my undoing. While it is true that you can add bacon to anything and it will immediately become better, it is also true that too much bacon will clearly lead to health problems. IT professionals make great technical decisions all day long, but when mealtime arrives, we make bad decisions that come back to haunt us. We face long, stressful hours sitting in a chair punctuated by rushed meals of the fastest, most convenient food available. When done in moderation, however, you can have your cake and bacon too. TIP: Bacon is to food as black is to fashion; it goes with everything. In this chapter we will discuss the following: 1. 2. 3. 4. How food is the easiest drug of choice How social interactions can lead to poor nutritional choices The need for regular exercise How to avoid letting your career, and life, be cut short
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App: Enter from Anywhere
This chapter provided a short introduction to the world of distributed application development and the respective technologies. You now know about the various scenarios in which .NET Remoting can be applied and understand how it differs from other distributed application protocols and techniques.
How It Works
#!/bin/bash # A simple script that checks if a console user is active # We will cover the "who | grep 'console' -c" portion later # for now just know that this test will return "1" if a user # is logged in and nothing if no one is logged in declare -i CONSOLE_USERS="`who | grep 'console' -c`" # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # The command above returns nothing if no users are logged in. However, when declared as an integer, if this variable is set to a null / nothing string, it will convert that to the number zero; that way the result of the command doesn't matter. We can always rely of the result being a numerical value, which we can then numerically test against, using the greater than or equal to syntax -ge. This type of test expects CONSOLE_USERS to expand to a numerical value If we did not use i, then any numeric tests on $CONSOLE_USERS would fail if there were no users logged in. The script would expand CONSOLE_USERS to nothing instead of 0 You can test this by changing the declare line above to declare CONSOLE_USERS= which will simulate the command returning nothing and without the use of the i, it will stay just that: nothing
skin: keyDown=" new SearchTwitterAPIEvent(searchInputBox.text).dispatch()" Here s the complete code of SearchTextInput.mxml
Figure 6-3. One database with prefixed tables
For testing the applications with the different versions of the shared assembly, I have created a separate Tip
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