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Rows in table Blocks in table Rows per block Rows selected on equality Clustered rows Blocks needed for clustered rows Blocks remaining
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In following sections, the summary of main points will be presented so that you can be aware of the content of the certification documents. Remember that the following sections describing the certification requirements are based on version 1.3 and Microsoft could modify and release newer version. So check back with the developer portal
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comboBox1.Items.Remove(employeeid); FillControls(); } The code first finds the employee that is to be deleted. It then calls the Remove() method on the employee XElement. The Remove() method removes the current element from the tree.
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At the end of this book are collected a number of links to additional .NET Remoting specific content on the Web. This includes everything from Microsoft-provided additional articles to custom channels and remoting extensions.
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Declaring the UI Resources
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The Filter function in Calc lets you selectively hide rows of data. The spreadsheet user then selects which of the rows of data to view from a drop-down list that appears in the cell at the top of the rows, as shown in the example in Figure 24-5.
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where to find all of the file systems it uses. This includes the root file system, without which Ubuntu can t operate, so you should take extra care when editing this file. To load the file into the Gedit text editor, type the following:
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System, Microsoft.FSharp
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Watching Movies
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This technique and methodology will prove very useful when you re building your applications. It also introduces a whole new way of thinking about the user experience. Forward caching changes the way in which many applications (e.g., maps) can be presented to the user. If you are building an application that could make the most of this, it s well worth thinking it through and building it into your site.
You can pass the Query object to an object, which is discussed later in this chapter.
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