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After creating the role link, the next task is to create a send port type implemented by the role link. A send port type is required because it defines the type of message a send port will send. 1. 2. 3. 4. Right-click the Provider section of the Role Link shape, and choose Add Port Type. In the Port Type Wizard, select Create a New Port Type, and enter SendPortType for the name. Click the Finish button to complete the wizard. Connect the orchestration send port to the newly created send port type in the role link Consumer role. The orchestration should resemble Figure 5 56. BizTalk uses the destination party for routing of the message. Add the following code to the Expression shape in your orchestration.
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Because you are working with an Entity Data Model, you don t have to deal with SqlConnection, SqlCommand, and so forth. Here you create a connection object referencing the EntityConnection, pass the entire connection string that is stored with the name NorthwindEntitiesConnectionString in the App.config file, and then open the connection: Dim connection As EntityConnection = New EntityConnection _ "name=NorthwindEntitiesConnectionString") connection.Open()
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The createObject Method
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grep: Used in combination with piping to filter a command s output (piping is discussed later in the section Standard Streams and Pipelines). For instance, the command ls /Users | grep i admin would filter the output of ls /Users, outputting only user home folders that match the admin criteria, using a substring match so that user home admin would match, as would mycoadmin . The -i flag means that grep will ignore capitalization. In another form, grep can be used to search files for strings. The command sudo grep r /etc/apache2 would search the directory /etc/apache2 and output the filenames containing the string The r flag tells grep to recursively search through a directory. You can omit the r flag and search across a single file if necessary. You can prefix the sudo command to ensure that the grep search has access to all necessary files. ps: List running processes. This command has numerous arguments. One common iteration is ps auxww. The flags auxww result in the output of all running processes across all users on the system. You can use piping to filter this list: the command ps auxww | grep httpd will determine if the Apache daemon (httpd) is running. If httpd is found, the command will display the processes running id (the PID column), as well as CPU and memory utilization. chmod,chown: Can be used respectively to change permissions and ownership on a file or group of files. Both commands utilize the R flag to recurse across all children of a directory. In the following example, chown changes the owner of the folder /Users/hunterbj to hunterbj and changes the group to admin. We then utilize chmod to ensure that the owner (o) has both read and write (rw) access:
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4. 5. 6. 7.
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Note that the Generate accessible SWF file option in Flex Builder must be turned on in order to enable support for accessibility. 1. 2. 3. Right-click your Flex project (in the Flex Navigator) and select Properties. Select Flex Compiler. Select the Generate accessible SWF check box, and then click the OK button (see Figure 5-4).
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Figure 14-2. Using the JavaScript class on a page
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A dashboard layout is a personal choice that varies from user to user, so the best report style to use for a dashboard is the free-form style. We re going to make use of one Rectangle report item in this example, which will hold a jazzy logo, and a List report item for the RSS news feed from Yahoo. We will make this dashboard a Windows Forms application sitting on your desktop. You can click it as often you want to get the latest news headlines. When you are finished with this example, your dashboard should look similar to the one shown in Figure 13-11.
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1. We will continue working from the SimplePrinting project we created in the previous section. In the PrintFormatted delegate, add a new instance of the PrintDocument class, wire up the PrintPage event, and call the Print method. private void PrintFormatted(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { PrintDocument doc = new PrintDocument(); doc.PrintPage += (s, args) => { }; doc.Print("Formatted Print"); }
Further, because the complete card stripe data was not sent to the merchant services account, the transaction was processed as if the card was not present. This results in higher fees for each transaction than if the card was swiped and the actual data transmitted. By attaching a credit card reader to the iPhone PoS application, the actual data from the card s magnetic stripe is sent, requiring much less manual data entry, and allowing the merchant lower fees for each transaction (see Figure 1 5).
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