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Conversely, backing up your iDisk data to your computer allows you to access your iDisk data locally. This can be useful if the MobileMe connection is lost, and you re finding that it takes an unusually long amount of time for Apple to restore it. This can also be useful if you want to work on data that is stored on your iDisk while your computer is offline. To set up iDisk to synchronize with your computer, click the MobileMe System Preference pane and click the iDisk tab (as shown in Figure 18 15). Then click the Start button in the iDisk Sync Sharing section of the screen. You can (and probably should) set the Update option to Automatically.
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different answers to the problem. Interestingly, all of them are valid depending on several other factors surrounding the problem. The process simply is not worked out yet. Probably your best source of information would be to look at some of the WWDC videos that discuss the development process. If you re just setting up your system processes, then these videos will help you immensely. It s quite possible that, if you re just setting up your first system, and you follow the video closely, you could, in less than an hour, work through the process successfully and have your apps running on your hardware. Of course, the problem then is the cost and availability of the videos. You can set up your $99 account for yourself as an individual or a company. Whatever name you choose will be associated with the name used to sell or distribute your app through the App Store. It won t necessarily be the same as you can specify the name to be used as the seller when you begin to setup things in the App Store to make your product available. When you get ready to sell or freely distribute your product, you actually use a different part of the system called iTunes Connect. Much like the program portal within the iPhone developer system, iTunes Connect helps you to setup and manage all your apps in the App Store. You upload your executable, program icons, sales information, screen shots, setup your bank accounts for all that money you re going to make, you set your price, determine where you want your product to sell, and many other things. While this book is about iPhone accessories, you ll need to be able to use the iPhone developer site and program portal as well as iTunes Connect to offer a complete solution. NOTE: There is actually a third developer center for Safari and Safari technology that I will not be covering. For more information go to
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dscacheutil: Look up information stored in directory services cache and flushes various caches. dscl: Interactive command used to edit and browse directory services settings, such as user accounts, group accounts, and search policies (the order with which Mac OS X looks up account information in each directory service). The closest GUI equivalent would be twofold: the Accounts System Preference pane and the Directory Utility. This command is covered in more depth in the next section. dseditgroup: Used to edit, create, and delete groups, or to add or remove group members. dsenableroot: Controls the root user account (enable, disable, and reset the root password). The GUI equivalent would be the Change root password , Enable root user or Disable root user options in the Edit menu of Directory Utility. (This command was covered earlier in this chapter.) dserr: Prints a description of directory services-related errors, example dserr 14090. Once you have the error code, you can then use the man page for DirectoryService to look up the meaning of each error (or search Google for more information on the specific errors; if there is a in front of the number, put quotation marks around the errors). dsexport: Exports directory services data. Similar functionality is available using the Export feature of Workgroup Manager, a tool distributed as part of Mac OS X Server. dsimport: Imports directory services data. Similar functionality is available using the Import feature of Workgroup Manager. dsmemberutil: Looks up UUIDs and group information and flushes group cache (example: dsmemberutil flushcache ). dsperfmonitor: Runs performance monitors of the directory services plug-in, useful with debugging operations (example: dsperfmonitor dump ). id: Looks up a user identity, including the group memberships (example: id cedge ). When administrators from other platforms migrate to using Mac OS directory services, one of the first things they notice is that, by default, domain administrators from a directory service are not administrators of local Mac OS X client. To mimic this functionality, it is possible to nest a network directory service group inside the local administrators group, thereby propagating local administrator rights to all network members of that group. This is very handy in large environments where administrator access may need to be limited to subsets of administrators.
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of the rectangle bounding the circle, and (0,0) is the upper left-hand side of the rectangle bounding the circle. Here s an example of the GradientOrigin being set to (0.2,0.2):
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The DropDownList control provides the end user with a defined set of options from which to select, where only one selection can be made at a given time.
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Because a [Serializable] object is marshaled by value and its data is passed as a copy, versioning behavior is once more different from SAOs or CAOs. First let s again have a look at the transfer format of the Customer object (and not the complete message) from a server similar to the one in the first example in 1. <a1:Customer id="ref-4" xmlns:a1=" VersionedSerializableObjects/VersionedSerializableObjects%2C%20Version%3D1. 0.0.1%2C%20Culture%3Dneutral%2C%20PublicKeyToken%3D84d24a897bf5808f"> <FirstName id="ref-5">John</FirstName> <LastName id="ref-6">Doe</LastName> <DateOfBirth>1950-12-12T00:00:00.0000000+01:00</DateOfBirth> </a1:Customer>
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