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Follow these steps to make changes for tile notifications: 1. 2. Open the PNServer project and open code for the Form1.cs file (right-click Form1.cs in Solution Explorer and select View Code). Now, you will define the XML schema information inside the code. Paste the following string declaration to the top of the file, right underneath the string ToastPushXML declaration: string TilePushXML = "< xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"utf-8\" >" + "<wp:Notification xmlns:wp=\"WPNotification\">" + "<wp:Tile>" + "<wp:Count>{0}</wp:Count>" + "<wp:Title>{1}</wp:Title>" + "</wp:Tile>" + "</wp:Notification>"; 3. Inside the btnSendNotification_Click event handler, change the following two lines of code: sendNotificationRequest.Headers.Add("X-WindowsPhone-Target", "toast"); sendNotificationRequest.Headers.Add("X-NotificationClass", "2"); to sendNotificationRequest.Headers.Add("X-WindowsPhone-Target", "token"); sendNotificationRequest.Headers.Add("X-NotificationClass", "1"); //- tiles Finally, you need to change the string that gets sent to the Windows Phone 7 application. To accomplish that, change the following line of code inside the btnSendNotification_Click event handler from: to: string str = string.Format(TilePushXML, txtTitle.Text, txtText.Text); Those are all of the changes that you need to make to enable tile notifications on the Windows Phone 7 device. You are now ready to test tile notifications on the Windows Phone 7 emulator.
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package vo {
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You can add the Database and .NET Assembly facts to the Vocabulary tab in a similar manner as described in this solution. Additionally, you can drop all facts in the condition or action (IF...THEN) of a rule. Once you have added a fact to a rule, right-clicking the condition or action allows you to browse to the original fact, as shown in Figure 7 12. Complex rules will have many facts referenced in them, and this allows you to keep track of all the disparate definitions.
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CHAPTER 11: Firmware
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Figure 1 19. The HIPAA compliant 837P 5010 schema in Visual Studio
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now have dedicated portals for their iPhone customers ( iphone). If your company uses a non-standard VPN technology, such as SSL, then I have some bad news for you. Due to the sandboxed nature of the iPhone software stack, this type of device-wide network control is not possible. Do not hold your breath for third party support of web/SSL-based VPN technologies, at least not until Apple announces some policy changes. NOTE: As of this writing, Apple officially supports Cisco ASA 550 Security and PIX Firewalls with software version 7.2 and later (version 8 recommended) and IOD version 12.4(15)T or later. VPN 3000 Series are not supported. Also, there was no auto connection functionality of the VPN client. Users must manually connect to the VPN. Keep this in mind for internal webbased applications or those custom applications that require internal resource access ( such as databases).
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The GROUP BY clause groups rows sharing common values for the purpose of calculating an aggregate. Often you ll want to generate reports from the database with summary figures for a particular column or set of columns. For example, you might want to find out the total quantity for each order from the Order Details table.
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The default Active Directory plug-in should work to provide centralized authentication services for most, but not all. In addition to centralized authentication, an enterprise needs its directory service to provide policies. Extending an Active Directory schema is an option for most environments looking to provide policies for Mac OS X clients. For those where extending the schema will not be possible, a Dual Directory environment should be your first thought, and, provided you fully test the environment, you should also consider augmented records. Why Purely due to total cost of ownership. You will not be able to justify the platform if you have to bolt too many pay-for features on. The more third-party solutions that are introduced also dilutes ownership for troubleshooting and lateral support options.
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Provider=SQLOLEDB;Server=[servername];Database=[dbname];Integrated Security=SSPI;.
Integration solutions play a key role in many organizations technology offerings. While much time and effort are typically spent on the actual implementation of these solutions, administration and maintenance tasks are often treated as second-class citizens. This reality can have costly consequences, as downtime of integration points can have large financial impacts on businesses. To help make administration and operation more efficient, a number of enhancements have been built into BizTalk Server 2010. The BizTalk Administration Console includes two pieces of key functionality: the Group Hub page and application views. The Group Hub page exposes information for a single BizTalk Server, providing a view into the health of the server and allowing for troubleshooting and triage of issues. Specifically, the Group Hub page provides the following: Queries for work in progress and suspended items (service instances and messages) The ability to perform bulk operations (terminate, suspend, or resume) on service instances The ability to build and save custom queries to return information on service instances and messages Enables troubleshooting of service instances and messages Allows for debugging of orchestrations
This class enables you to control the lifetime infrastructure of .NET Remoting. Therefore, it gives you access to an ILease object for configuring several timeout values or registering sponsors. Usage examples: // LifetimeServices and client-activated objects ILease le = (ILease) cao.GetLifetimeService(); MySponsor sponsor = new MySponsor(); le.Register(sponsor); // LifetimeServices and server-activated objects class ServerExampleClass: MarshalByRefObject { public override object InitializeLifetimeService() { ILease tmp = (ILease) base.InitializeLifetimeService(); if (tmp.CurrentState == LeaseState.Initial) { tmp.InitialLeaseTime = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(5); tmp.RenewOnCallTime = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(1); } return tmp; } } The LifetimeServices is used for the first time in 3 when I discuss the fundamentals about lifetime. More details can be found in 7. More information on MSDN: frlrfsystemruntimeremotinglifetimelifetimeservicesclasstopic.asp
member For : seq<'T> * ('T -> M<'U>) -> M<'U>
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Support for fields is consistent across all the items in a given list. You will never have one Contact that supports a birthday and another that doesn't. However, not every field will necessarily have a value. In some cases, a field may be mandatory, meaning it cannot be stored without having some value. When this happens, an initial default is usually provided that your app can choose to overwrite.
Linux was created 16 years ago, in 1991. A period of 16 years is considered a lifetime in the world of computing, but the origin of Linux actually harks back even further, into the early days of modern computing in the mid-1970s. Linux was created by a Finnish national named Linus Torvalds. At the time, he was studying in Helsinki and had bought a desktop PC. His new computer needed an operating system. Torvalds s operating system choices were limited: there were various versions of DOS and something called Minix. It was the latter that Torvalds decided to use. Minix was a clone of the popular Unix operating system. Unix was used on huge computers in businesses and universities, including those at Torvalds s university. Unix was created in the early 1970s and has evolved since then to become what many considered the cutting edge of computing. Unix brought to fruition a large number of computing concepts in use today and, many agree, got almost everything just right in terms of features and usability. Versions of Unix were available for smaller computers like Torvalds s PC, but they were considered professional tools and were very expensive. This was in the early days of the home computer craze, and the only people who used IBM PCs were businesspeople and hobbyists.
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