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Have you ever subclassed the UIApplication class Most likely, 99 times out of 100, the answer is no. Why You normally use an application delegate. Why do you use an application delegate It s much easier to use an application delegate remember delegation is one of the principal design patterns in Cocoa and for the iPhone. But suppose you did need to subclass UIApplication I think this is one of those questions that those of us who are not Gurus in iPhone development kind of have on the tip of the tongue ready to ask, but are not sure how to phrase it. After all, a lot of us have done C++ programming and isn t subclassing the thing to do Look again at an application delegate. It handles the things defined by the protocol UIApplicationDelegateProtocol. The instance methods in the protocol such as applicationDidFinish are what you handle in your application delegate object. But what if you need to handle something that a UIApplication handles that isn t covered by the protocol Let s make that a tad clearer and form it as a statement, and, oh what the heck, I ll even emphasize it. Subclass UIApplication if you need to control a method that is not handled by the UIApplicationDelegateProtocol. That s great and all, but when would this ever happen Let s assume that you have an application that needs to count every time the user touches the screen while the app is running. This is not at the start of a game that counts touches, but every single touch while in the app. The user could tap to go to setup, tap to do something, or even tap to end the program. You need to capture every single touch. Maybe, you ve deployed an app to a user group and you want to find out about the use of it. There are more simple ways of course, but this is just an example. Each time the user touches the screen, the UIApplication sendEvent method is called. In order to find out about touches (or any event) in your example, you need to override sendEvent. The UIApplicationDelegateProtocol does not cover sendEvent but it is a method of the UIApplicationClass. Starting to come together To override sendEvent, you need to subclass UIApplication. Does this mean you create another object in your project No. You simply have your application delegate subclass UIApplication and then in main() change the principal object to the application delegate. The call to UIApplicationMain then becomes:
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To add an application ad-hoc, simply attempt to establish a connection to your computer from that application. For example, open Cyberduck (assuming it is not in your list already) and you will see a dialog box asking if you want to Allow or Deny access for the application, as can be seen in Figure 11 6. Clicking Allow will add it with the Allow incoming network connections settings or clicking on the Deny button will Deny incoming network connections.
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You could, for example, interface this with a membership API to create a dynamic title that welcomes the user by name. Figure 3-7 shows the page with the new, dynamically created title.
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ToDo shares many of the same features as Event, as shown in Table 6-6. They are not interchangeable, so do not attempt to cast one to the other or use a field locator like Event.SUMMARY to read a ToDo summary.
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Now, whenever the browser is instructed to go to, it will bypass the DNS and consider to be the server for this domain. Now the browser will match the domain name on the URL with that on the certificate, and you ll be able to access the site securely. As the hosts file can be used to bypass the DNS and potentially fool users into thinking they are on one site when they are on another, it is protected by Windows and requires administrative access for it to be edited. However, you should check your hosts file regularly to make sure that it hasn t been hijacked. Now that everything is in place, the final step is to install the samples themselves.
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TIP At the time of writing, there is a bug in the html.xsl file. If your portlet fails to load and leaves errors like the following:
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Figure 13-10. Handling multiple database errors
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