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return bytes; } catch { return null; } finally { //check if connection is still open, then attempt to close it if (conReport.State == ConnectionState.Open) { conReport.Close(); } } } } The code inside the web method is similar to what we have been coding so far connecting to the database and supplying the required information to our local report. However, one piece of code I d like to discuss is this: byte[] bytes = rpvItinerary.Render( "PDF", null, out mimeType, out encoding, out filenameExtension, out streamids, out warnings); return bytes; We ll use the Render() method of the local report object to produce the report output. This output will be stored inside the array of bytes. Notice that our web method returns the bytes[] array; we ll retrieve this information from the client side and store it as a PDF file in a local resource. I d also like to mention the SQL statement used to retrieve the itinerary information from the database. As you can see, the SQL statement Select TOP 1 * FROM Dbo. Itinerary retrieves the first row from the requested table. Since there s only one record in the table, I used TOP 1, but in other cases, the record can be retrieved by providing the reservation code.
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#endregion Public Properties } /*****************************************************/ // Define the BookInfo class /*****************************************************/ [MessageContract(IsWrapped = false)] public class BookInfo { private Guid _InventoryID; private String _ISBN; private String _Title; private String _Author; private String _Status; public BookInfo() { } public BookInfo(String title, String author, String isbn, String status) { _Title = title; _Author = author; _ISBN = isbn; _Status = status; _InventoryID = Guid.NewGuid(); } #region Public Properties [MessageBodyMember] public Guid InventoryID { get { return _InventoryID; } set { _InventoryID = value; } } [MessageBodyMember] public String Title { get { return _Title; } set { _Title = value; } } [MessageBodyMember] public String Author { get { return _Author; } set { _Author = value; } }
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Table 13-5. Sample Costs for Different Sorting Requirements
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propertyNames: String array containing the names of profile properties to save; can be null. saveCompletedCallback: Callback function to call upon profile saving failedCallback: Callback function to call upon failure of profile saving userContext: String information to pass to the callback functions
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</fx:Script> <s:Label id="simpleText"/> </s:Application>
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Imports System Imports System.Data Imports System.Data.SqlClient Module Module1 Sub Main() ' Set up connection string Dim connString As String = _
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ne of Drupal s great strengths is the ease with which new functionality can be added in the form of contributed modules. The clear and well-defined hook system ( api/head/group/hooks) allows modules to interact with all of the Drupal subsystems, including the user, menu, taxonomy, filtering, and node-handling systems. As a result, more than 350 modules have been contributed to the Concurrent Versions System (CVS) repository ( at The contributions repository is not only large, but it is also very diverse in its offerings. Some of the modules are for specific Drupal versions; some are well maintained, but some are not. Some are easy to install; some require patches to the core Drupal code. Many offer similar or duplicated functionality. This diversity is a great strength of Drupal, but it also means that you need to know which modules are best for any given situation and task. This chapter will cover the installation, configuration, and use of a number of the best and most popular Drupal modules. The selection covered ranges from making input easier with WYSIWYG editors, to protecting your site from comment spam, to letting site users organize themselves into groups that share interests. These modules, in conjunction with the core modules delivered with Drupal, will provide you with a broad set of tools that you can apply to a diverse array of web sites.
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4. You re asked whether or not you want existing data to be displayed on the form.
<mx:EmailValidator source="{infoVO}" property="email" trigger="{submit}" triggerEvent="click" listener="{email}"/>
s Note The sp_helptext statement doesn t work with table objects (e.g., you can t see the definition of
The last step is to implement the application. There are several event handlers that must be implemented as well as the methods invoked by the static ApplicationInterface class.
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2. Click Applications Accessories Terminal. In the window that appears, type the
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