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SoapOption Enumeration
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5. Take a look at the HTML markup of the new page, especially the page declarations at the top. <%@ Page Language="VB" MasterPageFile="~/Site.master" AutoEventWireup="false" CodeFile="Default.aspx.vb" Inherits="_Default" title="Untitled Page" %> <asp:Content ID="Content1" ContentPlaceHolderID="ContentPlaceHolder1" Runat="Server"> </asp:Content> Notice that the page declarations include a MasterPageFile attribute that includes a path to your master page le, Site.master. 6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 to add the other content pages, AccountSummary.aspx and ContactUs.aspx, that you set the hyperlink NavigateURL properties to. 7. Now you have the content pages as well as the master page. Let s add some content to the content pages. On the Default.aspx page, add some text welcoming the user (Figure 5-6).
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Parsing a Value into a Date
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When you first look at the controls included in Silverlight 2, you will probably feel pretty comfortable, as they seem what would be expected. However, when you dig a bit deeper into the control features, you will find that the controls are much more flexible and powerful than they first appear. One of the key features of controls in Silverlight 2 is the ability to put just about anything within a control. A Button control can contain a StackPanel, which can contain an Ellipse control and a TextBlock control. There really are few limitations as to what the contents of a control can be. Figure 4-1 shows an example of a standard Silverlight 2 Button control containing a StackPanel, a nested StackPanel, an Ellipse, a TextBlock, and a ListBox.
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ID Starts Rows Plan ( - v$sql_plan_statistics - with push_subq hint) -- ------ ------ -----------------------------------------------------------0 SELECT STATEMENT (all_rows) 1 1 8 TABLE ACCESS (analyzed) CHILD (by index rowid) 2 1 10 NESTED LOOPS 3 1 1 TABLE ACCESS (analyzed) PARENT (by index rowid) 4 1 101 INDEX (analyzed) PAR_PK (range scan) 5 101 1 TABLE ACCESS (analyzed) SUBTEST (by index rowid) 6 101 101 INDEX (analyzed) SUB_PK (unique scan) 7 1 8 INDEX (analyzed) CHI_PK (range scan) Notice that line 6 is executed 101 times, returning 101 rows, and then line 5 is executed 101 times, returning just one row. But why is line 6 executed 101 times Because line 4 returns 101 rows, and each row has to be checked by the subquery. The subquery is occurring at the earliest possible moment which is when the index leaf block is being read and only one index entry survives the filter test, leading to just one access to the table. In principle, I think the execution plan ought to look like the following so that you can see more clearly what s really going on: ID Starts Rows Plan (hypothetical) -- ------ -------- ----------------------------0 SELECT STATEMENT (all_rows) 1 1 8 TABLE ACCESS (analyzed) CHILD (by index rowid) 2 1 10 NESTED LOOPS 3 1 1 TABLE ACCESS (analyzed) PARENT (by index rowid) 4 1 1 FILTER 5 1 101 INDEX (analyzed) PAR_PK (range scan) 6 101 1 TABLE ACCESS (analyzed) SUBTEST (by index rowid) 7 101 101 INDEX (analyzed) SUB_PK (unique scan) 8 1 8 INDEX (analyzed) CHI_PK (range scan) I m not sure how many people would be happy with an execution plan that showed a line between a table and the index that was used to access the table though. So maybe that s why it has been suppressed. In fact, the default mechanisms that 9i and 10g use for this query are completely different from the mechanisms that 8i uses, so the whole problem of how and where to represent filters may become irrelevant in future releases anyway.
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The mapper tries to find a match based largely on name, though it also looks at the structure of nodes in the source and target schemas. A related piece of new functionality allows for the auto-linking based on name or structure of the source nodes. This functionality appears when you drag a source schema record (not an element or attribute, but the record itself) and drop it on a target schema record. When the link is dropped, a context menu appears (as shown in Figure 1 14).
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Put that 12 into the normal formula (for a one merge pass sort): (blocks to sort + IO Cost per pass) / 2 = (10 + 12) / 2 = 11 So in this case, the 10053 trace is showing us one figure for the IO Cost per pass (19) and using another (12) to calculate the Total IO sort cost. It seems the trace file has not caught up with the new feature. There is a trap to watch out for here if you are still waiting to upgrade. If you have complex queries that use aggregate functions to crunch large numbers of rows down to small result sets, then this particular cost change may make a significant difference to the cost of some parts of those queries which may change the overall execution plan. This simple example showed a change on a single table aggregation from 18 down to 14 (because the grouping cost dropped from 15 down to 11) on the upgrade. This was on a query that crunched 5,000 rows down to 1,256. The difference on a query that reduced a 100,000-row input to a 100-row output could be much more dramatic.
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Initiate shutdown procedure, ending all processes and unmounting all disks DANGEROUS! Tweak or view hard disk settings Print topmost lines of text files (default is first 10 lines) Display list of common BASH commands Display history file (a list of recently used commands)
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