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If you are not interested in volunteering your time to help others, then perhaps you have an overlapping hobby that allows for a learning opportunity. In my case, I love Fantasy Football. Years ago I helped build a custom web site with a database back end. This gave me lots of learning opportunities that helped me when I got my initial opportunity to become a DBA. Still another way for you to get prepared is to look online for part-time help. You may find someone that is willing to offer some contract work to help out with a database during nights and weekends. Such positions do exist, even for people with little to no experience. In most cases, they can directly lead to junior DBA roles. I would caution you to stay away from job advertisements that seem too good to be true; they usually are.
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If Not IsPostBack Then End If Next you are going to load the DropDownList control with the available languages in which the user can localize the content. Remember, for our example we are going to provide three languages and cultures, but if you wanted to add more, you would add them in the same way. Here the languages are loaded into a String array: Dim languagearray As String() = {"de", "fr", "en"} Dim language As String Now you are going to loop through the String array of the listed languages and determine the culture and language name from the CultureInfo() class to populate the DropDownList control. Each of the speci ed languages in the string array will be added to a new ListItem, and the newly created ListItem will then be added to the DropDownList, hence populating it. Let s take a look. For Each language In languagearray Dim temporaryCultureInfo As New CultureInfo(language) Dim LanguageList As New ListItem (temporaryCultureInfo.NativeName, temporaryCultureInfo.Name) If temporaryCultureInfo.Equals(CultureInfo.CurrentUICulture) Then LanguageList.Selected = True End If dropdownlistLanguages.Items.Add(LanguageList) Next language Lastly, you will write the current date to the browser window with the Response.Write() method. Response.Write(DateTime.Now.ToLongDateString()) For clarity, let s look at the entire Page_Load method now that you have added the additional code. Protected Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Me.Load If Not IsPostBack Then 'List of languages. Dim languagearray As String() = {"de", "fr", "en"} Dim language As String For Each language In languagearray Dim temporaryCultureInfo As New CultureInfo(language) Dim LanguageList As New ListItem (temporaryCultureInfo.NativeName, temporaryCultureInfo.Name) If temporaryCultureInfo.Equals(CultureInfo.CurrentUICulture) Then LanguageList.Selected = True End If
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Note You can only add one rule at a time. You ll have to repeat steps 3 and 4 several times to add rules
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Pruning Dead Posts
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Many additional applications might prove useful on a day-to-day basis. Here, we ll review some of the more common ones.
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In this chapter, we have discussed the life cycle of a portlet. The portlet container calls the init() method on the portlet to initialize the portlet, the portlet handles any requests from the user, and the portlet is destroyed. The user can send either action or render requests, and we discussed the order in which these requests are handled. We also discussed error handling from the portlet s initialization phase. Our web crawler example demonstrates how a portlet can create and manage a background thread. We discussed which methods on the portlet need to be made thread safe, and which objects are guaranteed to be unique during processing. In the next chapter, we discuss the concepts that underlie the design of the portlet API and that account for the specifics of the portlet life cycle that we have just described.
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Remember that tile notifications appear on the phone only when a Windows Phone 7 application associated with these notifications is not running in the foreground on the phone and (this is important!) only when the application tile is available on the Windows Phone 7 Start screen. 3. To pin the application tile onto the Start screen, with the PNClient application running, click the phone s Windows button, and then click the arrow ( ) to open the Windows Phone 7 Options screen, shown in Figure 17 8. Click and hold the left mouse button down (also referred to as long click ) to bring up the pop-up menu shown in Figure 17 8. Click the Pin to Start option.
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See shell.
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Web Parts 101
The basis of building a recursive CTE is to build your initial query just as you saw earlier, but then append to that a UNION ALL statement with a join on the cte_name. This works so that in the normal CTE, data is created and built with the cte_name, which can then be referenced within the CTE from the UNION ALL. The syntax that you can see here demonstrates how this looks in its simplest form: WITH cte_name ( column_name [,...n] ) AS ( CTE_query_definition UNION ALL CTE_query_definition with a join on cte_name ) As with all UNION statements, the number of columns must be the same in all queries that make up the recursive CTE. The data types must also match up.
ByteArrayOutputStream out = new ByteArrayOutputStream(); String[] formats = pim.supportedSerialFormats(PIM.CONTACT_LIST); pim.toSerialFormat(contact, out, "UTF-8", formats[0]); byte[] vCardData = out.toByteArray();
I m sure by this time you already have downloaded the code from the Apress site according to the instructions provided in this book s Introduction. If not, then I d strongly advise you to do so before proceeding further. If you look at the downloaded code, you ll see two files, RealWorld.mdf and RealWorld.ldf, inside the database folder. What are these files The .mdf file holds the data, and .ldf file holds the log information. Typically, a SQL Server database is made of an .mdf and an .ldf file. Therefore, our real-world database also has one of each of these files.
To set the global user permissions on your device, follow these steps. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Open Options. Open Advanced Options. Open Applications. Press the BlackBerry Menu Key. Select Edit Default Permissions.
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