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Printer DataMatrix in Objective-C Working with Devices

Does the PreserveWhitespace property affect your parsing logic The answer to this question is yes. To illustrate the effect of this property on the parsing of the document, let s modify the preceding application as shown in Listing 2-19. Listing 2-19. Effect of the PreserveWhitespace Property private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { XmlDocument doc = new XmlDocument(); doc.PreserveWhitespace = checkBox1.Checked; doc.Load(Application.StartupPath + @"\employees.xml"); MessageBox.Show("Employee node contains " + doc.DocumentElement.ChildNodes.Count + " child nodes"); } The preceding code is almost identical to the previous example, but this time, the message box shows the total number of child nodes of the document element, that is, the root node <employees>. See Figures 2-11 and 2-12 for the resulting message boxes with the PreserveWhitespace property set to false and true, respectively.
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Meeting Certification Requirements
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num as String; String(num);
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Figure 17-11. E-mail notification of a new comment
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d (-d) switch, SQLCmd tool, 62 data App_Data folder, 30 data access architecture ASP.NET data controls, 121 130 data binding, 130 133 data access layer data access architecture, 119, 120 data controls, ASP.NET data binding, 130 133 Data controls, Toolbox, 31 Data Definition Language (DDL), 53 Alter statement, 54 Data Manipulation Language (DML), 54 56 definition, 53 Delete statement, 55 Insert statement, 55 data providers data access architecture, 119, 120 data sources data access controls, 121 130 data binding, 130 133 data stores, 45 data access architecture, 120 Database Explorer, 35 database objects, SQL Server, 51 53 creating, VWD and SQL Express integration, 69 76 object names and references, 51 securing, 56 stored procedures, 52 views, 52
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Try It Out: Executing an EXE
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service invocation, and result handling, is hardly different from the previous method. As always in Flex, the service has two events it can dispatch: result and fault. If the call goes through successfully, your result handler populates the text; otherwise it errors out. Let s morph the existing example within this style.
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File Encryption
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Setting the Result Property
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Precomputation of the kind used previously is an essential technique for implementing many services and abstractions, from simple functions to sophisticated computation engines. You see further examples of these techniques in 9.
Viewing tar Archive Information
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to a JSP page, based on session attributes, request parameters, portlet modes, or window states. The action request handling phase of the portlet makes an excellent place to put a front controller that handles incoming command requests, while the render() method can determine which page to display. The business logic for the portlet application should be encapsulated in classes that do not refer to classes from the javax.portlet package. This makes reuse easier in web applications, Swing applications, web services, or other portlet applications. One factor to consider when assessing JSP reuse is that the portlet should be using styles defined in the portal s style sheet for all content. If your content all shares a similar look and feel across portlets, it makes the portal seem more integrated, and portal administrators can adjust the portal style sheet to reflect desired changes. These changes could include standard fonts, company colors, or larger default text sizes. If you reuse these JSP pages in a standard web application, you will need to have your own copy of a portlet-API compatible style sheet in the web application, to match the expected styles. You also will have to be careful not to use portlet tags or classes inside the JSP if you want it to remain portable. For these reasons, it is probably not likely that you will be able to leverage much of the JSP pages directly for reuse. Some pages may lend themselves better than others. Try and encapsulate some common functionality into a JSP tag library that can be shared between different applications. Split the JSP pages into chunks of portable and nonportable code. For exceptionally large applications (hundreds or even thousands of pages), you may want to look into a page-generation technology with templates. Using Apache Velocity ( or another page template language, you could define certain chunks of the templates as portlet code and other parts as web application code. A simple generation tool that calls Velocity could generate JSP pages for both portlets and web applications, and store them in different folders. You could also use Velocity directly within a portlet, instead of JSP.
Figure 7-19. Web Site Administration Tool: Creating a User and Role You now have two separate users within your web project with two different roles that will provide different access for each. Close out of the Web Site Administration Tool.
if (buf[0] == 0x10) { [[NSNotificationCenter defaultCenter] postNotificationName:@"PBPRESSED" object:self]; } if (buf[0] == 0x20) { //NSLog(@"Data = %@",data); unsigned char i = buf[1]; NSNumber *posInt = [[NSNumber alloc] initWithUnsignedChar:i]; NSLog(@"_readData position = %d",[posInt intValue]); NSMutableDictionary *dict = [[ NSMutableDictionary alloc] init]; [ dict setObject:posInt forKey:@"parameter"]; [[NSNotificationCenter defaultCenter] postNotificationName:@"POTTURNED" object:self userInfo:dict]; [dict release]; [posInt release]; } } }
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