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public class CreateUserAction extends FormAction { private UserAccountService userAccountService; public Event save(final RequestContext ctx) throws Exception { Logger.getLogger(CreateUserAction.class). info("save(ctx) called"); final CreateUserForm form = (CreateUserForm)getFormObject(ctx); final UserAccount account = new UserAccount(form.getUsername()); userAccountService.createUser(account); return success(); } public UserAccountService getUserAccountService() { return userAccountService; } public void setUserAccountService( final UserAccountService userAccountService) { this.userAccountService = userAccountService; } } When the save method is called, it will return an event object to indicate the action that will be taken. Typically, we expect this to raise a success event (as here) but during validation or in other circumstances when the process might fail, we can raise other events as appropriate. Although we have declared the bean, we have not yet declared how this save method will be invoked (there is no automatic correlation between the transition names and the method names). We need to add the method calls to the web flow declarations. Listing 6-26 shows a web flow with the appropriate action methods added.
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It is more secure to use accounts hosted in other directory service databases, which can be configured by changing the Type drop-down to Open Directory or Computer User. The Open Directory option type allows the administrator to set policies using the Open Directory services schema within OS X Server, essentially delegating security of the account to the directory services system. An added benefit to using an Open Directorybased user account is that all your computers will use the same username and password, which can help keep security management centralized and simple. It is far easier to routinely change the passwords on 100 computers by using an Open Directory account rather than trying to visit 100 desktops to push out a password change. This is
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After downloading and extracting these components, you will find two new DLLs in subdirectories of the installation folders: Microsoft.Samples.Security.SSPI.DLL Microsoft.Samples.Runtime.Remoting.Security.DLL The first component is a managed wrapper around the SSPI Win32 API functions, while the second component is a set of remoting extensibility classes (remoting sinks5) that leverages the SSPI wrapper for providing the security features to .NET Remoting. For using the components provided with the sample, you have to complete two steps: first of all you have to add a reference to both assembly DLLs in the client as well as the server through the Visual Studio .NET Add Reference dialog box. In a second step, you have to configure the extensions through configuration files. Let s start with implementing a sample that leverages the security samples provided by Microsoft. At first you will get a short look at the shared assembly that defines the serializable types that will be sent across the wire as well as the interface for the server-side singleton object as you can see in Listing 5-4.
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Backup and Fault Tolerance
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Because MMS messages are more closely aligned with the Internet world than the telephonic world, you also have the option of directing messages directly to an application ID. Similar to the port in an SMS message, this allows you to send a message directly to an application that has registered for to handle those messages. To avoid conflicts, you should use a unique namespace when selecting an application ID. If you do not specify an application ID, the message will be delivered to the phone s default message client.
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Referencing Assemblies and Access Control
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calendar:Scheduling:CalDAV:EmailDomain = "" calendar:Scheduling:CalDAV:HTTPDomain = "" calendar:Scheduling:CalDAV:AddressPatterns = _empty_array calendar:Scheduling:iSchedule:Servers = "/etc/caldavd/servertoserver.xml" calendar:Scheduling:iSchedule:Enabled = no calendar:Scheduling:iSchedule:AddressPatterns = _empty_array calendar:Scheduling:iMIP:Receiving:Server = "" calendar:Scheduling:iMIP:Receiving:UseSSL = yes calendar:Scheduling:iMIP:Receiving:PollingSeconds = 30 calendar:Scheduling:iMIP:Receiving:Username = "" calendar:Scheduling:iMIP:Receiving:Type = "" calendar:Scheduling:iMIP:Receiving:Password = "" calendar:Scheduling:iMIP:Receiving:Port = 995 calendar:Scheduling:iMIP:MailGatewayServer = "localhost" calendar:Scheduling:iMIP:Enabled = no calendar:Scheduling:iMIP:MailGatewayPort = 62310 calendar:Scheduling:iMIP:AddressPatterns = _empty_array calendar:Scheduling:iMIP:Sending:Server = "" calendar:Scheduling:iMIP:Sending:Username = "" calendar:Scheduling:iMIP:Sending:Address = "" calendar:Scheduling:iMIP:Sending:UseSSL = yes calendar:Scheduling:iMIP:Sending:Password = "" calendar:Scheduling:iMIP:Sending:Port = 587
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In order to host Silverlight content on your web server, it is not necessary to be running a Windows server. In fact, just about any web server can serve Silverlight content, as long as they are set to serve up XAP files. In IIS7 this is setup by default, so if you are running Windows 2008 Server then your web server is preconfigured ready to host your Silverlight content. If you are running a version of IIS previous to IIS7 or if you are running on a non-Windows server, you must do some minor configuration to enable the MIME types for the Silverlight extensions. The two MIME types you need to add are in Table 16-1.
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Just as in classic C++, the main method does not need to explicitly return a value, even though its return value is properly int, not void. This is because the compiler inserts return 0; automatically. In the main method in Listing 1-3, you saw a very important pattern that is used throughout all C++/CLI code. The Hello class is a reference type, lives on the managed heap, is created with gcnew instead of new, and referred to using a handle, a named object that refers to the unnamed object on the managed heap. The indirection operator is used, just as if the handle were a pointer to the object. I ve demonstrated a simple reference type, but you may be wondering whether the Hello class could also be a value type. Indeed, it can be, because it has no explicit inheritance relationship with any other class (although, because it is a managed type, it implicitly inherits from Object); it has no special initialization that would require you to define a special default constructor; it has no other special member functions, and it contains no data. Listing 1-4 shows how the code would look with Hello as a value type. Listing 1-4. Using a Value Type // hello_world4.cpp using namespace System; value class Hello { // This code is unchanged. }; int main() { Hello hello; hello.Greet("Hello World"); } In the second version, hello is created as a local stack variable in the main function, rather than on the managed heap, which might result in some performance gain, although with only one object, this hardly matters. Also, a real value type would probably have member variables, perhaps as in Listing 1-5. Listing 1-5. A Value Type with Members value struct Greeting { String^ greeting; Char punctuator; void PrintGreeting(String^ name) { Console::WriteLine(greeting + name + punctuator); } };
Developers Are from Mars, Designers Are from Venus
Integrating Existing Applications into the Portal
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current information in there is removed by using the DROP TABLE command in MySQL. The process used by the WP-DB Backup plug-in does this for you when restoring the backup.
then ExecuteScalar() would return the string Nancy instead of an integer, and you d get this exception:
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