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Try It Out: Creating an Index with Query Editor
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When the requirements you are working with call for having a theme only to be used or applied to a single page, there is a way to accomplish this within your Web Forms or content pages. For any single web page to include or use a theme, turn your attention to the page declarations. Earlier in our example, you saw that the page declarations for the content pages included an element specifying the master page; similarly, you will specify the theme being used as shown here: <%@ Page Language="VB" MasterPageFile="~/Site.master" AutoEventWireup="false" CodeFile="Default.aspx.vb" Inherits="_Default" title="Untitled Page" Theme="Theme1"%> The last element names the theme desired for use: Theme1. When finished, run the project, and you will see that the text for this specified page will have a color of blue; however, none of the other pages will be affected (Figure 5-14).
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Defining Partial and Parameterized Active Patterns
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Figure 9-6. Overall logic and message flow This is quite a bit different from the workflows used in the previous chapter. The most notable difference is that there are no Receive activities. Instead, the application will listen for the incoming messages and then invoke (or resume) the workflow.
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Table 3-6. Cardinality Varying When You Know It Shouldn t
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How It Works
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let contactsXml = XElement.Load(file "contacts.xml") let contacts = contactsXml.Elements () > contacts |> Seq.filter (fun e -> (elemv e "name").StartsWith "J") |> (fun e -> (elemv e "name"), (elemv e "phone"));; val it : seq<string * string> = seq [("John Smith", "+1 626-123-4321")] This example also defines some helper functions: elem to extract from an XElement object the first child element with a given name, and elemv to convert that to a string value. You can also use the query operators in building new XML: xelem "results" [ contacts |> Seq.filter (fun e -> (elemv e "name").StartsWith "J") ]
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t1_i2 (Bitmap)
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RotateTransform: Rotates the item through the specified angle ScaleTransform: Changes the size of the object on the x-axis, the y-axis, or both axes TranslateTransform: Moves the object to a new position SkewTransform: Skews the object by the specified angle in a particular direction MatrixTransform: Applies your custom transform
Creating the Deployment Manifest
The Properties button on the Security tab displays specific details about the selected permission in the permission grid. For example, Figure 7-16 shows the properties for FileDialogPermission. The Permission Settings dialog allows you to modify the permission settings for a particular permission. For example, by default, applications deployed in the Internet zone can use the file Open dialog box but not the Save dialog box or the Open and Save dialog box. If you modify this setting for the Internet zone, the green arrow to the right of the permission will change to a yellow warning icon to indicate you are asking for more privileges than what are granted for the given zone by default. Note that depending on what permission you choose, the Permission Settings dialog box will change to display the specifics for the permission.
A call to the Hessian service is asynchronous, where the send method maps to mx.rpc.AbstractOperation.send(), so you need to use the AsyncToken and a callback handler to get the response. The callback handler can be any class that implements the mx.rpc.IResponder interface. The IResponder interface defines two methods, result and fault. On a successful result, the result callback method is invoked, and on error, the fault callback method is invoked. Very simplistically, you could do this:
Figure 4 14. Enabling message signing
Enabling Directory Service groups
< xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" > <s:WindowedApplication xmlns:fx="" xmlns:s="library://" xmlns:mx= library:// nativeDragEnter="onNativeDragEnter(event);" nativeDragDrop="onNativeDrop(event);" title="Photo Viewer" creationComplete="creationCompleteHandler()"> <fx:Script> <![CDATA[ private var images:Array = []; protected function creationCompleteHandler():void { if(NativeApplication.supportsMenu) { var fileMenu:NativeMenuItem = ~CC; fileMenu.submenu.addItemAt(new NativeMenuItem("-",true),0); var openDirectory:NativeMenuItem = new NativeMenuItem ("Open Image Directory..." ); openDirectory.addEventListener(Event.SELECT,onOpenDirectory); fileMenu.submenu.addItemAt(openDirectory,0); } } private function onOpenDirectory( event:Event ):void { var f:File = new flash.filesystem.File(); f.addEventListener(Event.SELECT,openDirectoryFound); f.browseForDirectory( "Open Image Directory" ); } private function openDirectoryFound( event:Event ):void { var d:File = as File; for each ( var img:File in d.getDirectoryListing() ) {
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