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Every time you pass through an airport or a train station, you expect to see a myriad of signs directing you to points of interest connecting gates, luggage pickup, or a taxi line. And while the words on these signs are certainly important, perhaps just as important are the visual symbols drawn on them that are used to better communicate their meaning. Our minds become so accustomed to visual elements that often we don t even need to read the words to understand a sign s meaning, and the presence of visual elements certainly saves us when we re traveling to another country whose language we don t speak. This universal visual language of signs is the big idea behind the user interface system in Windows Phone 7. Microsoft designers want Windows Phone 7 User Interface (UI) elements to direct users to the content that they want, just as airport signs direct people where they need to go. Within Microsoft, this contemporary UI has been code-named Metro and, per the User Interface Design and Interaction Guide, elements of Metro UI are meant to be visually appealing and to encourage exploration of the applications you build. In this chapter, you will explore the most important design principles at the heart of Metro UI, and learn how you can ensure that your application conforms to them. You will also gain an understanding of themes on the Windows Phone 7 device and how to ensure that your application is theme-aware. Finally, you will take a look at the controls that are available to you for use in Windows Phone 7 applications, especially the innovative Panorama and Pivot controls that are unique to Windows Phone 7. You have already used a few in the previous chapters of this book, so here we will recap and introduce you to the controls used not quite as frequently.
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Listing 4-7. Using a RowMapper to Materialize a List of Entities
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Note that the contents of the first and second columns are extremely important: the first one contains the key that the code will use to reference the element, and it must be unique in this resource file. The second column contains the value, or the actual content that will be displayed on the UI at runtime. The third column is useful, but not essential: you can provide descriptive comments about each value in this column. We will now add a resource file for Spanish translation of the user interface elements. 5. 6. Right-click the WP7LaunchParty project and select Add New Item Resources File. Name the resource file and click Add.
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Figure 20-9. XML mapping associated with the Entity Data Model
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The advantage of this model is that you can see changes in the database in real time. However, this approach is not recommended for scalable applications because it can hamper the overall performance and scalability of the system. Also, even though ADO.NET provides cursor-oriented connected data access, it is strictly read-only and forward-only. This incurs fewer overheads and improves performance as compared to updatable cursors. You will typically use connected data access in the following situations: You are developing applications that are online all the time. For example, in a ticket reservation application it is necessary that you work with the latest data from the database. In such cases, connected data access becomes necessary. You want to avoid the overhead of using offline data. When you use queries directly against a database, naturally they bypass any of the intermediate layers that are involved in disconnected data-access techniques. For example, suppose that you wish to display a simple employee listing to the end user. This task does not involve any processing as such. Using connected data access in such cases will of course give the best performance. You need a cursor model for some reason. The Connection, Command, and DataReader classes are used for such connected data access. You will learn about these classes in later sections.
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In the preceding, you will see another dns_fallback. If you first initiated a connection to the default_realm following setting the dns_fallback in krb5.conf, which I mentioned when discussing the krb5.conf file, this setting will be set to no; otherwise it will be set to yes, and will need to be changed if you want to disable reverse dnsenumeration. Again, only be concerned about the dns_fallback if you are seeing connectivity errors and think they are related to DNS issues (you cannot perform both a forward and reverse lookup on a realm s KDC or you are using a .local domain namespace). You should also notice the kpasswd_server entry in the file, which defines what password to perform a reset against in the event of a failure. In large environments with services distributed across a number of hosts, you may find stale information here, which can also cause password change events to fail. If you do find yourself needing to make changes to this file, and the file was generated by a directory
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TIP: Once you ve enabled the ability to browse a directory, Spotlight searching can help to isolate data that is otherwise difficult to find! Make sure that your image has been checksummed prior to indexing with Spotlight though, as it could damage the integrity of your data otherwise. You can now simply browse to a file and double-click it. This will open the Analyze screen for that file (see Figure 19 13). The Hex Content tab of this screen will show you the raw data that makes up the file. The Native tab will show you how the file should look to the system (for example an image file will appear on the Native tab as the image).
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Indicating Depth
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The first thing to do with your newly installed blog is to change the admin password to something you will remember. Click the Users tab across the top of the page. You ll see a form with space to enter a lot of personal details about yourself, as shown in Figure 14-9. Near the bottom are the fields to enter a new password. You need to enter the password twice. This is to check that you didn t mistype it. You can go ahead and enter your other details while you are on the page. By default, none of these details other than your nickname and web address are ever visible on your blog. When you have finished entering all your details click Update Profile to save your changes. Now you re ready to configure WordPress.
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