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Should you ever need to add another address once the maximum has been reached, you must remove one of the existing ones first. You can remove any field, not just email
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public Enumeration getInitParameterNames()
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business policy. The Parameter Name list populates with all the orchestration variables and messages matching the parameter types.
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Figure 17 8. To receive tile notifications, the application tile must be pinned to the Start screen. Now you re ready to send and receive tile notifications. 8. Click the Push Notification button in the PNServer application.
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Launch the application and add users, orders, set transactions, and save points to test functionality (see Figure 4-12).
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Cracking WPA-PSK
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Currently, the CreateLead activity inserts a Lead record into the database. Now, you ll modify this activity to use the PersistLead extension instead. Open the CreateLead.cs class in the Activities folder. The modified implementation is shown in Listing 15-2. Listing 15-2. Modified Implementation of CreateLead.cs using System; using System.Activities; using System.Activities.Tracking; namespace LeadGenerator { /*****************************************************/ // This custom activity creates a Lead class using // the input parameters (ContactName, ContactPhone, // Interests and Notes). A Lead record is inserted // into the database and then this is returned in // the Lead output parameter. /*****************************************************/ public sealed class CreateLead : CodeActivity { public InArgument<string> ContactName { get; set; } public InArgument<string> ContactPhone { get; set; } public InArgument<string> Interests { get; set; } public InArgument<string> Notes { get; set; } public InArgument<string> ConnectionString { get; set; } public OutArgument<Lead> Lead { get; set; } protected override void Execute(CodeActivityContext context) { // Create a Lead class and populate it with the input arguments Lead l = new Lead(); l.ContactName = ContactName.Get(context); l.ContactPhone = ContactPhone.Get(context); l.Interests = Interests.Get(context); l.Comments = Notes.Get(context); l.WorkflowID = context.WorkflowInstanceId; l.Status = "Open"; // Add this to the work queue to be persisted later PersistLead persist = context.GetExtension<PersistLead>(); persist.AddLead(l, "Insert"); // Store the request in the OutArgument Lead.Set(context, l); // Add a custom track record CustomTrackingRecord userRecord = new CustomTrackingRecord("New Lead")
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Often your queries and stored procedures are parameterized. Using parameters allows you to pass external values to your queries and also avoids the risk of SQL injection attack. Parameters are also better in terms of performance because they avoid frequent parsing of queries. The Parameter class represents a parameter of your query or stored procedure.
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released. Relay outgoing mail through host: Relays all mail not destined for local storage through specified server. This option enables an OS X mail server to operate as an intermediate Mail Transfer Agent (MTA), which can be used to route local email to a centralized company SMTP server or to an ISP s SMTP server. The extensibility of the postfix MTA engine means you can use it to provide customized email filtering, which can ultimately be integrated into existing business systems.
CPU Frequency Scaling Monitor
XML Data Modification Language (XML DML)
Build number: Daily Codus Build_20060111.1 Initializing build Getting sources Compiling sources Compiling Codus.sln for Any CPU/Release Compiling Codus.GUI.Extensions.csproj Compiling Codus.Templates.Adapdev.csproj Compiling Codus.Templates.NHibernate.csproj Compiling Codus.GUI.csproj Generating list of changesets and updating work items Copying binaries to drop location Copying log files to drop location Successfully Completed From this output you can see the build was successfully completed, and you can see which projects were included in the build process. This output is purposefully brief. To verify that the build did indeed take place and was registered with your TFS, you can examine the Daily Codus build from the Team Explorer. Now we will discuss how to automate this using the Windows Task Scheduler, also known as Scheduled Tasks. The Windows Task Scheduler allows you to schedule tasks that should execute on a regular basis. To access this utility, you can open it via Start Programs System Tools Scheduled Tasks. This opens the Scheduled Tasks dialog box. Select File New to create a new scheduled task. This adds a blank task to the scheduled tasks. To edit this task, simply double-click it. You can configure many different properties of how you want the task to be run. To make this process easier, you can wrap up the command to start the build into a batch file. You simply place the previous statement in a BAT file and place it on the TFS. You can actually place this on other machines, but in this scenario you are actually placing it on the TFS machine. This file is named startCodusBuild.bat. By doing this it is easy to modify the build parameters or to even run other builds. Then you use the command to schedule the script to be run. From the configuration for the scheduled task, give the parameters shown in Figure 5-21.
CHAPTER 18: Backup and Fault Tolerance
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