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Table 2 1. UIApplicationDelegate protocol instance methods
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Unlike a clustered index, a nonclustered index does not store the table data itself. Instead, a nonclustered index stores pointers to the table data as part of the index keys; therefore, many nonclustered indexes can exist on a single table at one time. As a nonclustered index is stored in a separate structure in fact, it is really held as a table with a clustered index hidden from your view to the base table it is possible to create the nonclustered index on a different file group from the base table. If the file groups are located on separate disks, data retrieval can be enhanced for your queries as SQL Server can use parallel I/O operations to retrieve the data from the index and base tables concurrently. When you are retrieving information from a table that has a nonclustered index, SQL Server finds the relevant row in the index. If the information you want doesn t form part of the data in the index, SQL Server then uses the information in the index pointer to retrieve the relevant row in the data. As you can see, this involves at least two I/O actions and possibly more, depending on the optimization of the index. When a nonclustered index is created, the information used to build the index is placed in a separate location to the table and therefore can be stored on a different physical disk if required.
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7. The Download and Install Progress window appears (see Figure 1-6). It first reports the progress of the file downloads (about 36MB for VBE and 56MB for SSE), then reports on their installation. Wait patiently, and eventually a registration window appears (see Figure 1-7).
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You will notice several attributes within the siteMap element. The first attribute being used is the name, XmlSiteMapProvider, which is the name of the provider being used also the default. Next, the description is a quick explanation. The type is the full namespace of the provider being used. The securityTrimmingEnabled specifies whether different roles will be able to access specific navigation links. Last, the siteMapFile is the name of the web.sitemap file or the blueprint it has been referred to. 5. You need to place a few remaining items within the web.con g le to complete your example of security trimming. Place the following code in the web.con g for authentication: <authentication mode="Forms"> <forms name=".ASPXAUTH" loginUrl="Login.aspx" protection="Validation" timeout="300"/> </authentication> <authorization> <allow users="*"/> </authorization> The <authentication> element enables the web project with Forms Authentication specifying that the LoginUrl is Login.aspx, along with the timeout for the session. The <authorization> element has an accompanying <allow> element with a user s attribute. The value for the user s attribute is "*", which specifies that all users are allowed to view the root web pages within the web project. 6. We also have to specify that only users in the administrator s role can access the Admin directory. This is accomplished by placing the following in the web.con g le: <location path="Admin/Management.aspx"> <system.web> <authorization> <allow roles="Administrators"/> <deny users="*"/> </authorization> </system.web> </location> These elements within the web.config instruct the web application to only allow users who are in the administrator s role to access the Management.aspx page. This is made possible by specifying the following code: <authorization> <allow roles="Administrators"/> <deny users="*"/> </authorization> Here you can see that the directory Administrators Only allows those users within the administrator role and prohibits access from all other users as noted with the asterisk, *, within the deny attribute.
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Create Parties and Physical Send Ports
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Now that you have created the Ecommerce web service, you are ready to consume it in a client application. To do so, add a new website to the web service project you just created. Add three web forms to the website: Default.aspx, ShoppingCart.aspx, and Success.aspx. The Default.aspx web form will act as a product catalog and displays a list of products. Users can add items from the product catalog to their shopping cart. The shopping cart is displayed on ShoppingCart.aspx. Users can add, modify, or remove selected items here. When the order is placed successfully, the Success.aspx web form displays a success message to the end user.
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provide a basic language code, such as en , that can be used as a default if a client app wants a country code that is not available. Server applications may create ActionNameMap objects to advertise their capabilities. Client applications may obtain them to display available capabilities. Once a client has an ActionNameMap, it can look up the corresponding match for each name or action.
Providing a Static Application Reference
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