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Figure 6-8. The ClickOnce application manifest
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All those after the main group, 1000(keir), are supplementary groups. For a list of what they do, see Table 29-1.
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Figure 9-3. Console producing a security sandbox violation error To get JavaScript and Flash to talk together, you have to change every location in the index.template.html file that references allowScriptAccess to always. The following code is an example portion:
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11. Close the window by clicking OK, Cancel, or the X icon. Collapse the Northwind Tables node (simply to make the Object Explorer tree smaller), and expand the Programmability node. You ll see the screen in Figure 2-12.
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<script src= http://www malicious-script.js ></script>
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All of the resources in a portlet application share a session for each user. Portlets will access the session through the PortletSession object, and servlets and JSPs will use their HttpSession objects. Any attributes stored on the session by a portlet are accessible through the HttpSession object, and any attributes stored by servlets or JSPs are accessible through the PortletSession object. A portlet may share an object in the session for a servlet or a JSP by putting the object into the application scope. If the object is in portlet scope, the object will be in a namespace defined by the portlet container, and will not be easily accessible to the servlet or JSP The object will still be an attribute on the session, . but it would be tricky to decode the proper name. You should avoid trying to decode an out-of-scope attribute, because it will be container-specific this would qualify as a hack. Inside the portlet, you call the setAttribute() method on a PortletSession object like this:
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Figure 4-2. The Generated_General.dll that has been created by SoapSuds
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public string Name { get { if (intColumnIndex == -1) { return cmd.CommandText; } else { return reader.GetName(intColumnIndex); } } } The Name property returns either the underlying table name or column name. This is useful to see which column is being read. The table name is obtained from the CommandText property of the OleDbCommand class, whereas the column name is obtained from the GetName() method of the OleDbDataReader class.
Note The MD5 one-way algorithm has its advantages and its disadvantages. Passwords must be stored
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