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When you run ClamXav for the first time, it will ask you to update the virus definitions. Make sure to update the definitions by clicking on Update Now. (See Figure 8 5.)
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The MediaElement provides events that give you fine-grained control over writing media-oriented applications in Silverlight. It exposes the following events:
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Signing and Verifying Applications
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Here is an example T-SQL script that will help you use the sys.dm_io_virtual_file_stats DMV to find data files that are producing the highest average number of milliseconds per I/O:
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Moving Around the Application generate qrcode
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Then type the following:
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clients. Certain environments sometimes require DHCP-supplied static IP addresses, though. Provided those addresses don t change, DHCP is acceptable in an Xsan installation----but on the production network only, not on the metadata network. If you ever need to change the metadata controller s metadata IP address, the best option is to first demote the metadata controller to a standard Xsan client, then remove it from the SAN. After you change the IP address of the former metadatacontroller, readd it to the SAN, specifying it as a metadata controller.
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he world thought that the database APIs were mature enough with the release of ADO.NET 2.0, but data access API related innovations are still taking place and still growing. They are reasonably straightforward to use and let you simulate the same kinds of data structures and relationships that exist in relational databases. However, you don t interact with data in datasets or data tables in the same way you do with data in database tables. The difference between the relational model of data and the object-oriented model of programming is considerable, and ADO.NET 2.0 does relatively little to reduce impedance between the two models. With the release of .NET Framework 3.5 and the addition of Language Integrated Query (LINQ) to Visual Studio 2008, a new version of ADO.NET has also been introduced: ADO.NET 3.5. To work with ADO.NET 3.5 features, you need to have ADO.NET 3.5 Entity Framework (ADO.NET 3.5 EF) and ADO.NET 3.5 Entity Framework Tools. This chapter will introduce you to the ADO.NET 3.5 Entity Data Model (EDM). In this chapter, we ll cover the following: Understanding ADO.NET 3.5 Entity Framework Understanding the Entity Data Model Working with the Entity Data Model
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Editing Dates
Executing Statements
Figure 10 16. Accessing the Orchestration Debugger
Moving back to the first query, this query will select all columns and all rows from the CustomerDetails. Customers table, ordered according to how the database sees it as you can see in Figure 8-21, it has quite plainly done this. Looking at the second and third query examples, the columns returned have been reduced to just three columns: the customer s first and last names and the cleared balance amounts. All the rows are still being returned. In the last example, notice that after two of the three columns, there is an AS keyword. This signifies that the following literal is to be used as the column heading; note that if we wish to use two words separated by spaces, we must surround these words by identifiers, whether they be quotation marks, as in our example, or square brackets. Now that the basics of the SELECT statement have been covered, we will next look at the methods within Query Editor to display output in different manners.
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