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public override void WriteWhitespace(string ws) { writer.WriteWhitespace(ws); } public override void WriteString(string text) { writer.WriteString(text); } These methods do not contain much code. They simply call the corresponding method on the XmlWriter instance. For example, the WriteCData() method accepts a string and calls the WriteCData() method of the XmlWriter by passing the string. The WriteChars(), WriteComment(), WriteWhitespace(), and WriteString() methods also call the respective methods of the XmlWriter instance.
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Encrypt using SSL: whether the connection will use SSL (likely set at
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Once the Web.config file is ready, you then use the Copy Web Site tool on the Web Sites menu to access the deployment tool (see Figure 6-18). At the top of the screen, you ll see a Connect button. Click this to specify the server that you want to connect to. One helpful feature is that if you specify an IIS server and a URL containing a subdirectory, IIS will automatically create the virtual web directory for you. So for example, if you want to deploy the web service to a virtual web directory called ServiceTier, you simply add it to the URL of the server you want to open and then click New Web Site (see Figure 6-19).
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CHAPTER 6: Personal Information
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Cons: Reliability. You must be prepared to deal with network failures. Depending on your app, you may offer an offline mode if the file cannot be reached; otherwise, your app will not run when there is no connection. Speed. The file may take quite some time to download, especially if it is large or the user has a slow connection. Memory. Because the file isn t streaming, the entire contents must be buffered in RAM. Large video files will likely cause you to run out of memory.
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Figure 2-6. Console view for debug binding, typing hello world
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Suppose that you wish to return the XML content as shown in Listing 10-8.
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Figure 2-8. Connecting to SQL Server 2. A window containing Object Explorer and the Summary tab will appear, and you should be connected to your SQL Server instance named ORCASBETA2_VSTS\ SQLEXPRESS (see Figure 2-9). The top node in Object Explorer should be your SQL Server instance, and the Summary tabbed pane should display folder icons for the five other nodes in Object Explorer. Expand the Databases node in Object Explorer.
You can use the XSD Import method within the BizTalk Editor to reuse an existing common XML object structure within another, as opposed to manually creating an entire schema. As an example, assume you have two simple XML structures, Customer and Address: <Customer> <FirstName> </FirstName> <LastName> </LastName> <MiddleInit> </MiddleInit> <Age></Age> </Customer> <Address> <AddrLine1> </AddrLine1> <AddrLine2> </AddrLine2> <AddrLine3> </AddrLine3> <Zip> </Zip> <State> </State> <Country> </Country> </Address> To use the XSD Import method to allow this scenario within BizTalk, follow these steps: 1. 2. 3. 4. Open the project that contains the existing schema (in this case, the Customer schema). Double-click the Customer schema to open it. Right-click the root node of the Customer schema, and select Properties. In the Properties window, click the ellipsis next to Imports to open the Imports dialog box, which is shown in Figure 2 13.
Informal Strategies
n this chapter, I will show you how to improve your users experience by tailoring your blog s layout to your audience. As with the previous chapters, the focus is on building your community and making it enjoyable and rewarding for people, so they will return again and again. To achieve this goal, you need to think about the users experience as they use your site. What are your readers doing on the site What are they trying to achieve When you have the answers to these questions, you can help your readers by customizing your site to accommodate their interests.
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